My Eclipse


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  1. I love it, you had more than we did 🙂 All we got was like a couple clouds went over. But Ron and I made a couple videos that I will be working on and posting later. Hugs

  2. Rain held off here – while not total, a good sized chunk was dark….the light was rather odd as if you were looking through dark window sun tint film. Dog just yawned. (And tropical clouds in the southern gulf so we may get rain end of week – which we could use to cool things down.)
    Have a great week!

  3. thpfffhhtt! The Engineer got eclipse glasses issued at work and went and looked.

    I was driving to a Rolfing appointment for my sore and buckling leg and felt the air cool and the wind lift, but it was all clouds. But you could tell the land was yearning towards the absent Sun for a brief span. The cicadas swelled like a Russian military chorus.

    Drumpf looked at the sun. Really.

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