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I probably don’t need to say again that I’m a huge Stephen King fan. I think I first read one of his books (either Cujo or Firestarter) at age 8, and I’ve never regretted a moment spent in the company of his characters.

I’ve read everything he’s published, I’m nearly 100% sure of that. Maybe a short story or three have gotten past me. Definitely have read every novel, novella, collection of short stories, and his nonfiction works.

Easy to say, then, that the way to my heart is through Sai King! 

Hubby got me these as a thank you for taking care of him when he was so poorly.

I hadn’t asked for Christine, but she is awesome! 

Then this month, I had a birthday. As you hope to do every year! This one came with my first vinyl ‘toys’ – Funko Pop figures.

Pennywise! Yay! And a small part of my King collection in the background. A very small part!

Roland Deschain and Walter Padick aka the Gunslinger and the Man in Black. My favourite series of books, ever, hands down.

This is King’s year – a remake of IT and The Dark Tower are or will be in theatres near you. The series The Mist has been on for a bit, and Mr Mercedes started last week. I must warn you, Mr Mercedes is NOT for kids or anyone who is sensitive; and we’ve only seen the first episode. It’s a wow, for sure, but horrible and chilling, also. They put on screen much worse things than my imagination cooked up when reading the books. Yikes. Ark – avoid

Anyone else a Stephen King Constant Reader? 

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  1. I generally avoid horror as a genre, but I really enjoyed his book on writing, which I think is called ” on writing” and the film “Shawkshank redemption ” is in my top ten films. I have often meant to read the novella. Are they any of his fantasy books you would recommend for someone who can be squeamish about what she reads?

    • Eyes of the Dragon, and I don’t recall the Dark Tower being gory – but I’m kind of immune after all these years! The Green Mile is his as well, and Stand By Me – both great movies from fantastic short stories. On Writing is very inspirational, isn’t it?

  2. I’ve still to read the Stand, but I loved the movie. I have read some of his books, but it’s so long ago I can’t remember which ones ffs. Was there one with ‘things’ in the title, uneventful things maybe?

  3. Is Mr. Mercedes on HBO or Netflix or something? I enjoyed the first book, so maybe I’ll skip the series. I’m not a huge King fan, but I did enjoy the Dark Tower movie release, even though it got such crummy reviews. I think I liked it because I’d only read one of the books and didn’t have much of a preconceived notion going into the movie. Love your collection.

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