I think it’s been officially feeling like summer this month, off and on. Likely about all the summer we will get! My flowers are loving it.

The first roses of the year. I love them all.

Clematis – top one is one of the new babies from last year. Just opened this morning! The others are growing up the weed-willow I have in the corner, and are the main reason why this grey willow still lives here. That and the birds love it. And I have a wisteria growing in there, too! 

California poppies and a sunflower from seed. 

Something for the bees.

Native common orchids going crazy as usual. They have colonised my garden. I’m not complaining.

English lavender. The bees were loving this today. 

Iris iris iris iris iris iris iris iris iris! They are fantastic this year. 

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  1. Fabulous, great colour and variety; we get a couple of orchids that come up in our grass which we always try to mow around, but it looks like you have an abundance!

  2. LOVE the bronze iris.

    This week sucked around here so I needed that! Especially after an afternoon yanking invasive vines out of my jungle so the rhododendrons could survive.

  3. We’ve only had a few days of real warmth…we need the weather to settle and let the summer come. But not yet…still snowing in the mountains…sigh!

    Your yard is beautiful!

  4. Not only incredibly beautiful flowers and foliage, you skill at photographing them as if each was a debutante being presented to society is amazing
    (and I am realizing I need to keep up with you more – juggling assorted life problems recently – none at the level you have. Gardens and cats help a lot>)

  5. The roses are my favorite! I am surrounded by an unreal amount of various roses. These are beautiful.

    • Thank you! Was just having a read over on yours. You inherited all your roses? I would have a hard time moving and not talking all my plants with me!

      I did want to let you know that I’m an atheist, and if that isn’t a problem for you, I’d be glad to follow your blog in return.

      • I was lucky enough to inherit all the lovely plants…. it is unbelievable…, which includes an incredible herb garden that I have so much to learn about (I know nothing).

        I enjoy relationships that vary in beliefs. No worries here! Different dynamics is what makes the world go round. Thanks for the interest! 🙂

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