Interim Flowers – Still Waiting to Wait


I probably said that backwards. I’m only posting to post, otherwise these pictures will fall into the never-never like all of my tigrida last year did after Spottie died. 

So. Here are my bearded iris. Last year only one bloomed out of three varieties planted. Got all three blooming this year, and have now realised they are in the wrong spot as I can’t use my wonderful hose reel or I will break their little heads off. 

Really sorry but I don’t feel up to editing these for size, etc. 

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  1. So lavishly beautiful, I love the purple/white/bronze colour combination. They’re so striking they look like fanciful, made-up flowers and if you didn’t know they were real you’d say nothing could be that wild!

  2. Love the bearded irises!! I am not sure it is cold enough to plant here in Perth. But I will think about adding some to my garden! 🙂

    • Hi Anita! Sorry so slow to come back to you. I planted mine in a sunny spot, and they didn’t die back much over the winter last year. It doesn’t get horribly cold here usually. I’d say a sheltered spot where they can spread would work, maybe in part shade if it gets really hot there.

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