I Want to Stage a Catnapping


Of Piggie Peggy, of course.

Last week there was a dead cat on the side of the road right across from my work. My heart dropped like a lead weight when I saw it, afraid that it might be Piggie: it wasn’t. The poor thing laid there for three damn days before anyone did anything about it.

Strikes one and two against the area where she lives. Busy road, and no one cares about cats.

She has a great fear of cars, but you know anything can happen. She could get chased by a loose dog, or by one of the many many kids that walk past to the school nearby.

Then, there is this. She is SO pregnant. Any day she is going to be a young mom, again.

Fat belly, and all her nipples are swollen four times the size they used to be.

The problem for me is that I’m off work until May 2nd. She won’t have anyone looking out for her, and she will be looking for me. I’m not going to be there when she has them! Not even nearby! I know I’d likely not see her for weeks while they mature, of course, but I’d still be trying to get a glimpse of her. Her probable ‘home’ is the shed out back of one particular house right on the main road. I’m nearly certain she isn’t allowed inside, as she usually smells of kerosene.

I can say that I’m the only one who shows her affection, because she has learned so well how to get me to love on her the way I want to (don’t sharpen your nails on my leg. No, I’m not going to play with you with my hands). She was very unsocialised before she learned that laps and face-scratches are good things.

Then the last, worst, thought occurred to me. These people don’t get her any veterinary care – what if they are the type of people who also drown kittens? It’s not that uncommon here, disgustingly.

And then there are the scars. Both ears, her nose, and her shoulders are always a bit scabby or balding from injuries.

What a face! 

So, I’m seriously tempted to go and steal her away. The problem is: what I would do next? Obviously a vet visit straight away. Then what? We can’t take another cat, especially a pregnant one, into our house. She’s an outdoor cat in any case and would hate to be inside with the dog and two male cats twice her size. Not to mention that himself would kill me, we have enough troubles going on.

The only shelter we have outside would be our shed, which is a disaster of junk, tiny, and none too clean. Not really a step up for her, at all. And not a place for kittens.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I should go and knock on doors to see what the situation is? Offer to help rehome the kittens and get her spayed? What would you do? I know this sense of responsibility is my own fault, for making friends with her. I can’t help but feel that someone has to act responsibly. 

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  1. I would definitely get her spayed after the kittens. And I wouldn’t worry too much about her setting up home in your shed. Even if it’s not a step up, a nice cardboard box placed in it, and she’d be no worse off than she was — and probably much better off, given a loving friend in you nearby.

    Maybe think of it this way. You nab her, take her to the vets, then bring her home feed her and show her the shed. After that, leave the decision up to her! She can, after all, always leave if she doesn’t like her new neighborhood.

    • I wouldn’t like it if she left – kittens! People here can be so cruel to cats. I’d like to be able to make sure the kittens are spayed/neutered, too. This has to stop, even one cat at a time.
      It’s hard – she isn’t being abused, just not given proper medical care. I bought her medication for parasites, FFS. €25 to get the fleas, ear mites, ticks and worms off her. It wasn’t a hardship.

      • My guess is she won’t leave. But the fact she could, if she wished to, means you’re not unduly messing with her kitty rights! 😀

        I agree with you about spaying the kittens. If the stray cat population is left to its own, it will grow until the cats die off from starvation. Meanwhile, the cats have decimated the local bird population.

  2. It’s a tricky one. Once when we were renting a place a feral cat “adopted” us. Not unlike your piggie but a tabby. We couldn’t look after her as I am.allegic to cats so I rung the Mayo branch for the Protection of animals. They found me a lady close by who acted as a foster for her till they could re-home her and I suppose get her more used to people
    I often wonder what became of her.

    • She’s not feral, someone feeds her. I am a cat-whisperer (lol) so after a few weeks of sharing my lunch with her, she let me pet her. Now she is up on my lap, in my face rubbing on me and drooling with happiness.
      Sorry that last sentence probably gave you hives, being allergic!
      I know my vet would work with me, but I hate to pass on the responsibility to them, too!

  3. I have a couple Ideas. First call the vet as you and others suggested. If the vet will work with you , and may even have a way to provide homes for the kittens as those are the easiest to place. As for Peggy, May I suggest a trip to the local department store where you can buy big plastic storage boxes. Also get some styrofoam from a crafts store or home improvement store. Place some styrofoam down to put the box on top of, cut hole in box for in and out, Clear box sides and tops will add light. if winter is coming up insulate out side as needed. Inside on floor place blankets or towels and some of your clothing for your smell , which will comfort her. Let me know if I missed anything. Oh how I know this. When we first came here to this coast we had a rescue male cat who wouldn’t let any other cat near our RV. An old male with no home came by and Ron wanted so bad to help him. Ron crafted a grand cat home from a plastic box or two, set it up under a three sided enclosed wooden steps for shelter from wind and rain, and I realised what happened when on noticing our towel cupboard missing a bunch of towels I questioned him. After at first claiming no idea of what happened to them, I asked him if the fact that Purr was going in and out of the back of our steps could have anything to do with it. HE gave me a normal Ron reply ” well if you already knew , why did you bother to ask”! I love that guy.

    • Well you know the other crap we are going through right now (I did reply to your text finally!) so maybe I’m trying to focus on something I might be able to fix, when faced with so much I can’t fix?

      • I think it would be a great project for both of you. The qualities and abilities needed are there and as you say it is a distraction. Hugs

  4. We always said … no more cats, after the first four but became the resident cat family par excellence and ended up with 23 at one stage.I kid you not. Can you magine 23 feeding bowls lining two sides of the kitchen!
    If I was there with my daughter or my wife they would scoop her up and adopt her no question and worry about everything else later.

    But she would be spayed, of course,

    • If it was just me, yes. I’d miss her at work of course but my stress levels would be reduced! Bringing her home now would just add to stress levels. I’ve not talked about it but my husband is extremely unwell so that is taking a lot of our mental focus right now. And our money.

          • True, and I do understand. But as she will be outside and he won’t ??? The question is how do you feel about the extra work involved? I often have Ron tell me what I can do to help to make my day a little more interesting. For me I have to do most things from a sitting position, chair or such. I have learned how to get into all sorts of trouble from a sitting position! 🙂 But again my situation is not the same as yours. I trust you. You are smart. You are loving and kind. You know what you can do. I believe you will do the correct thing. Hugs

            • I have never tried that , but I have plenty of things to get going on. Today I looked up how to disassemble my laptop so I can replace a hard drive in it. I will order one tomorrow. I love it when Ron and I can work on something together. Hugs

      • I can appreciate this. You certainly don’t want to increase the stress for either of you.
        I’m sure a solution will present itself.
        Meantime, wishing your husband all the best and a speedy recovery.

  5. I think if you could find who she belongs to and help them give her kitties to new homes that would be best for her now..but if you cant find an owner convince your partner that she needs to live with you. I hope everything works out for her

  6. Just do what you know is right and ask everyone, everyone for help. Your man might even receive the good karma — we all prosper when we know others are safe, because it comforts our hearts. And I’d send you some $ to help w spaying -get on PayPal already.

    • He’s not met her, or he would like her as much as I do! I’ll likely need to go in to work to get him a wheelchair or something better than my old wooden cane. I think I will go and knock on doors. I have to give them the benefit of the doubt and not immediately presume the worst. If they turn out to be jerks, then I’ll be bad to be good.

  7. That really is a disaster waiting to happen 😦 A perfect storm. Fingers crossed she’s there when you get back. Have you thought of calling a shelter? They may have a trap, neuter and release programme. Her kittens might find homes and she’s possibly young enough to adapt.

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