Books I’ve Read No. 17 & 18 – autumn & autumn:the city


Both by David Moody.

autumn, and autumn: the city are part of the author’s Autumn series: very loosely described as a post-apocalypse zombie series.

After reading Hater, I was excited to have a six book set to delve into. Sadly, I just don’t care for these books. I struggled through the first two, and gave up quite quickly into the third one.

It’s not the quality of his writing, not at all. It’s that I don’t care about the characters. They bore me. They keep dithering over making decisions over and over and over. No one is taking charge, and no one seems to really want to do anything to survive without whining about it for days until their choices are taken away from them by lack of action. Maybe that is the main point – but I don’t care for it. I kept thinking of ways to solve their problems much easier and faster! I don’t want to be the smartest person in a book. I want the characters to surprise me.

It doesn’t mean you won’t like the books – lots of people do! I’m not giving up on the author, as I’m still very curious as to what happens to the main character in Hater!

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  1. Can’t read horror these days. Dunno why, just puts my fillings on edge.
    Must be getting old.
    The most horrifying thing I have read in the past few years, apart from the scale in the bathroom, is my tax form.

  2. agreedily. if yer knot enjoing the read, there’s lots ‘n lots “out there.” I do some (most? well, some) reading on a sort of whim. I finished collexions of FHerbert’s Dune and also The Harper Hall of Pern collection recently — as I was farmiliar with the original epics. And so … grabbed something completely different. I had had a book in the shelves from (no kidding) 50-some years ago which I had never read — Cry the Beloved Country (Alan Paton) — yeah, another lament about the South Africa situation during apartheid — and expected to kind of be depressed, etc. — but depression aside, it’s (so far, > 1/2 through) a good read.

    • I’ll read just about anything I’m given! I prefer science fiction and horror, but fantasy is also a good genre. Of course action books and crime novels are easy fun reads that I don’t have to log in long-term memory. Didn’t they make a movie about ‘Cry…’? I might have seen that.

      • don’t think so. ah, perhaps esta noche, lounging on the couch w/Betty watchin’ mind-numbin’ stuff (is there any other kind?) i’ll concurrently IMDB …

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