Happy Piggie


I was off work for a week and a day. When I came back, I searched every day and questioned my coworkers to see if Piggy had been around. All I could learn is that she had only been seen on the first Monday that I missed work – under a car. The weather was terrible the whole time, so it made sense she was sheltering somewhere.

I was back the next week on Tuesday. I looked for her and called for her several times a day – no Piggie. I started to worry, a lot. Did she get hit by a car? 

She finally showed up at half five on Thursday, after me panicking for two and a half days!

She had two new big scratches on her nose, which are healing now. Poor girl. She is going to look like a battered old tomcat pretty soon, with the lack of care and not being spayed. Grrr.

Today’s weather was gorgeous. Sunny, warm, calm – just perfect. Of course I went outside for lunch and yes, she came to find me!

Herself on my lap, enjoying the sunshine and the face scratches. I had my boots off, socks off, jeans rolled up to get that lovely sunshine on my furry legs!

Those so-very-narrow pupils tell the story of how sunny it was. So glad to have her back on my lap at lunchtime.

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  1. Narrowed pupils, sure, but how about those SOFT eyes in the last one, and the curled paw in the one before! She loves you! You are lovable, of course.

    • No, work is about 30 mins from home – she only just now sits on my lap and doesn’t put up with being picked up for more than a few seconds. Also my boys are indoor only, so trying to introduce an outdoor only cat who also wants all of my attention…recipe for disaster. I can’t afford another one, either.

  2. She’s a beauty, and I’m glad she’s ok . What a worry they can be. Worth it mind you *beams*. Great name too. When I first read the post though I thought your fellow workers were cows – “coworkers” – my brain being slow hahahaha.

    – esme tickling Piggie behind the ear from the Cloud

  3. hey, is there anyone at work who can check on her,a nd maybe give her a little loving ( and maybe some food ) on days you are not at work? Is she getting enough to eat? Hugs

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