The 600


By accident, I realised that I have passed 600 followers today!

I don’t do this for fame, or massive amounts of followers, so this number is rather a surprise to me. I barely pay attention to stats these days – there are only about 20 of you who interact here consistently, and you are the ones I write for. So very happy to have you all.

Thank you very much to my 600th follower, TheLocomotingVet. Give her some love – most of us would appreciate having an actual veterinarian around online to share good advice. 

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  1. Grand. Congrats to you and welcome to TheLocomotingVet . You have your followers because you put yourself in the blog. You show your family and interests. The blog is part of you, and we love you. Hugs

  2. Not up to your dizzy heights yet, but like you, I have faithful regulars who enjoy the interaction as much as I do. And let’s face it, we blog for ourselves anyway… 🙂

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