Yum Yum Nom Nom


I might finally have it!

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  1. Well Done. I love how well they get along. I would say you really have to like someone to be willing to lick their ear that long, like that. Hugs

  2. Does Lumi lick and clean Lokki anywhere else or is it always just the ears? I had a good belly laugh at the mental picture of you sitting next to these two and getting suddenly splatter. 🙂 Hugs

      • Wow, I love it. If one of my two starts to lick the other it always ends about four licks later with bites. I wish they could be more friendly with each other. Oh I never asked, did the neutering stop the pretend sex acts? Hugs

          • Milo does the same thing with Odis, but Odis doesn’t run away, they stay locked like that until someone hollers at them. Ron doesn’t want to leave them to sort it out incase they bite and claw each other. I told him you said they would work it out, but he says our cats are mentally challenged too much to work it out without drawing blood. Hugs

            • I think it is Milo’s way of saying ” hey I am older and I am the boss” even though he is much smaller than the younger Odis. I think I will just let them go next time to see if they will stop on their own. But even though they will lay on the same furniture, like the couch or my desk, they always stay at opposite sides / ends. I have had cats that were affectionate to each other like yours , I wish these two were. Hugs

  3. OMG!!! That look at the end! “I wasn’t licking your ears clear into your brain cavity, seriously.” And then the little hanging out tongue… LOL!!!

  4. YEA you’re now reached Video Queen status
    They are so cute….we suspect Molly and RC are much friendlier when we aren’t around…we have arrive home more quickly than expected to catch them napping in the sun in the same room.
    They refuse to talk about it

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