I’m an Eejit – but LOOK at my Furry Ones Being Clever


This is Lumi and Neko having their very first play session! 

Neko is trying to play with him like she did with Spot – but Lumi has no idea what is going on or what she expects of him.
I am very proud of them both. Neko is so gentle and always has her lips curled tight to her teeth to make sure she doesn’t do any harm. I do worry about those big feet of hers but she never stepped on him once. And Lumi? Just laid there purring while being poked by a giant dog and being drooled upon. Good wee man, just 8 months old now.

Apologies for my pyjamas being in shot. A Christmas gift and I needed to do laundry… But, I was standing there, refereeing, just in case.

Why am I an eejit? Because I still can’t remember how to embed a video in a post. So stupid me has to do a linky-dink to share this. Doh!

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    • For a Bengal? Absolutely. For any 8 month old kitten? Amazing! He speaks dog, to a certain extent. She was taught by my good man Spot, so expected a paw to the face or even a big leap and nom on her neck. Little Lumi was so good!

      • Our neighbours feed street cats. A beautiful brown Siamese started visiting and they asked if we wanted him (they were into double figures of their own cats by then). Would have loved him, so elegant, but we had Pippa, the cat chasing monster par excellence (cross gsd/husky) and the flat would have looked like Trump had pressed the button, so we had to decline. They took him anyway and we see him wandering along the guttering three floors up. Lumi is cutissimo.

        • Thank you!
          I do love Siamese, one was my mom’s kid before she had kids. I understand about WWIII in the house. My sister adopted another greyhound, not cat-vetted at all. And now her daughter has become a cat fanatic! She would love to get a cat for her daughter, but dog and seriously allergic husband is making it a mission impossible.

  1. I love it. It is grand and wonderful. I love Lumi showing his belly and saying hey give my belly a rub will ya big one. Neko does know how to play with cats and is wonderful at it. She has a big happy spirit in her. She may have big paws but I bet she know right where they are and wouldn’t ever use them to hurt her new friend. Thanks for sharing , I love it and it gave me a smile. Hugs

  2. I’m amazed Neko isn’t wearing huge bloody scratches everywhere… And I do love that you’ve colour coordinated your animals. Now, how about some colour coordinated PJs…? Say, black and white leopard print?

  3. Lol!
    To embed a YouTube link simply paste it into the window. WordPress should know how to parse it.
    This is how you do it on the desktop at least. Not sure if it will work on the mobile app though.

  4. Pretty impressive, and on that note have to say that even Lumi’s empty nutsack is something to swear by. I was scared about the dog, but apparently it is all peaceable.

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