Books I’ve Read #4 – Into Thin Air


By Jon Krakauer.

This is a rare departure for me – nonfiction! If the author sounds familiar, he also wrote Into the Wild (which I read a few years back).

The fun part of my being able to read this book is that the company I work for has a lending library in the building. Anyone can contribute, borrow or even keep the books left in. I pick one out and read during my lunch hour until it is done, and pick another one. This one I might keep to give to a good friend who is a mountain climber himself.

What a great idea, and I take full advantage of it!

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    • It is mad – I don’t get it at all. Like I said, we have a friend who climbs smaller-scale places. He fell once and smashed his foot up pretty badly. Didn’t stop him at all. Nutter.
      I didn’t get emotional, really – reading it at lunch meant I had to stop every 40 pages or so, no matter what was happening. I also kept thinking about what I was doing at the same time, that I never heard about it at all.

  1. I thought it was a wonderful book, but you’d never catch me climbing Everest – or any other huge snow covered mountain.

      • I get vertigo when I look down from any height. When I hike to the top of a mountain, I stay far from the edge and look out and not over.

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