Blogger’s Kitty Needs Help


Please help. My friend, met through blogging many years ago and now someone I would call a real friend, like so many of you.

Despite never having met in person, I love this woman. With all the hardships she has had over the last year with car troubles and housing issues – her cat suddenly becoming sick with no clear diagnosis is her top priority. Even a few dollars will help.

Guardian kitty.

Methos looking out for his new human. Guardian Kitty.

And now – same precious kitty and same beloved girl. They have been best friends for her whole life. Please help, even 5 or 10 will add up. She misses her friend while he is in the veterinarian hospital, trying to find out what is wrong.

Please help my friend take care of her good kitty, and keep her daughter’s best friend around as long as possible.

Go Fund Me for Methos.

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  1. My friend I will donat. I want to help. Yet I don’t understand how. I have never done this type thing. Can I send you the money and you give it to the fund? Let me know. I want to help, yet I have only cash and don’t know how to do this. Hugs

    • We used our credit card – but also can be via PayPal. Which I don’t understand either. She is in America, so if you wanted to send a check or something I could be an intermediate – get her postal address for you and all.

      • Paypal is pretty easy but you need a checking account or credit card. It’s a short sign up process, and then your money is sent to Paypal which transfers it to the recipient. Not hard. You walk through the steps.

        I did the thing just direct with a credit card. Everyone should be able to take care of their fur kid.

        • I did not realize I could use my debit / bank card. Ron said when he gets home in the morning we will donate. Thanks. I thought it was something you had to sign up for and all sorts of stuff, but if it is just using your card, I can do that easy. It is a good cause. Thanks and hugs

        • By the way , I never thought of it before but now that I see it, I love the “Fur Kid” idea. That is how I always felt about our fur kids, just never knew how to describe them. Hugs

  2. OK I just sent you an email offering to send the money to you. IF she wants I can send it straight to her, but many people don’t like strangers to know their address. I do not have paypal nor do I use credit cards, so that is why I offered to send the money to you. Thanks. Hugs

  3. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    A grand and lovely guardian cat. I have found cats respond to love and will protect those they love. It is up to us humans to protect them when we can. I know first hand how hard it is when a family pet needs medical care and we can not afford it. Lucky for me, our vet has always let pay in payments when we couldn’t afford to pay at one time. IF you can help I know it will mean a great deal. Thank you. Many hugs

  4. Good news , I talked to Ron who is at work. He said in the morning when he gets home we will donate. No need to send money back and forth, we will do it with our card. Thank you anyway. Hugs

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  6. Methos has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He needs an echocardiogram to determine which medicines can help him. Until then he is a steady regimine of diuretics to keep fluid from filling his chest.

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