Lumi Loves Me….


Before I get into the reason behind the title, some cute pictures. 

He has decided my nightly drink is also a toy. I told him he is too young for craft beer – he has to start with the cheap stuff like any teenager!

I’m actually not sure if brother Lokii loves him, or wants to smother him.

They still use Spot’s bed. But the pair don’t fit inside it as well as they used to. Two weeks ago at the vet Lumi was weighed – 3.25 kilos or over 7 pounds! Half a stone! He was only barely 5 months old. He is going to be a big kitty!

So, here is the reason behind the post title. If you are easily grossed-out, stop here!

I think I’ve mentioned that Lumi always wakes up with me. He always comes and licks my eyes and ‘meeps’ in my face – every morning since we brought him home. Recently he started licking my lips and smelling my nasty morning breath. Cats are weird.

This morning was much the same. I was flat on my back, Lumi was right on my neck/chest giving me kisses and purrs.

Then he turned around, like he was going to lie back down on my right shoulder. I felt something wet drag across my cheek and my lower lip as he turned. I was immediately concerned- why is my kitten wet when he just woke up? 

I turned my head to look – and got a close up view of a kitty-willy.

Yep, he had his little lipstick out, and almost stuck it in my mouth.

Lumi, I love you too – but not like THAT!

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  1. I didn’t think I was easily grossed out, but eeeuw! It seems adolescent males of any species are much the same…
    I do love that cat bed shot with the two long, long legs sticking out like drumsticks!

  2. Oh I love it, they are unique. One of our cats, the very large, nose freckles, Odis, has the weirdest habit. I don’t know where it comes from and I can’t seem to break him of it. When you pet him he turns around, drops his head down, and raises butt up as high as he can. Now I don’t mind this normally but when in bed he come up, touches your hand to get your attention, then turns and puts his butt in your face. HE really seems overly proud of his tiny tush. IF anyone can tell me why he does it or more important how to get him to lay down facing us I would be so grateful. I keep telling him we like to see the front end of him rather than the stinky end, but he doesn’t get it. Attempts to stop him from turning only aggravate him. He wasn’t us to pet him and see his butt. I told Ron he misunderstands living in a house with all gay guys 🙂 LOL. Hugs

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