Oh No, or O.K.?


Found new residents in my grey willow this evening. 

There are three groups of this size that I can see.

They are eating the leaves down to the centre vein! Not that I care about the willow, in fact I’m trying to kill it by girdling it (I want to keep the framework for other climbers). I don’t see them in any of my other plants, either.

Any ideas? Are they bad, good, or chaotic neutral?

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  1. Not sure (hope you can keep track of ’em and get photos of the adults, but it sure looks like a plague of the critters.
    Willow are tough plants, however, so entirely possible, despite this infestation and your wishes, that it’ll regenerate.
    Good luck.

  2. I was going to ask about the bags, but you already said “nope”.
    As a kid a neighbor had something that ate their willow and made it look dreadful – but it never died. Each year they seemed to appear and chomp away until he finally cut it down.
    Looks like you offer a free all you can eat buffet for some critter

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