I Love That Eejit


Himself just did a load of laundry wearing nothing but garden-clogs. That might not sound so strange. 

However! Our washing machine is in a shed entirely outside of the house. Yep, I got treated to him coming and going, stark naked in the rain (literally).

Our neighbours must be scarred for life – oh yes, they could easily look down from one room and see him in all his, ahem, glory! And they thought me in a bikini was bad!

Do you have someone who does crazy things to make you laugh, too?

(aren’t you glad this is a photo-free post?)

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  1. I don’t know if I’m not a bit disappointed that it was a photo free post! Was he not a bit cold in this climate of ours!

  2. I love it, the mind picture of your hubby strolling through the rain in the buff! Well when James moved in with us we had some adjustments to make in our home. Ron and I were use to just wandering around the house without bothering to put anything on. The hall from our bedroom leads to the kitchen dining area. The kitchen, dining area, and living room are all open with no walls dividing them. So soon after James had moved in , one night Ron got up from the bed to check the kitchen door was locked, and without thinking of the new arrangement wandered down the hall. James was sitting in the living room, reading I think. James was not paying much attention and so did not realize Ron was nude, he just said “hi Ron” without really looking up. Ron could have just backed into the dark hallway and the event would have been over. Instead Ron mumbled a hello, then realized two things. One he was totally nude and that there was someone there. SO startled and without thinking he did the worst thing he could have done, he threw his hands up and yelled “James”!!!!! , which of course made James look up and see what he was not expecting to see. Then Ron realized his yell had directed all the attention to him so he retreated back to the bedroom a brilliant shade of red, and James went flying off to his room also a bright shade of red, and I laughed so hard I almost fell out of bed. The next morning I got treated to versions of the event from both parties who for some reason had different versions of the whole thing. That was 6 years ago and it still is talked about in our home. Hugs

    • Brilliant! Poor Ron, poor James!
      Hubby has (twice) randomly decided to run out the back door, take a flappy lap of the garden, and run back inside…but carrying a full laundry basket meant slow and careful!

  3. On one immortal occasion the bathroom upstairs had a leak and it broke down the ceiling of the bathroom below, which collapsed more or less on my head while I was standing there in my underpants. I was able to fend off the descending drywall with my arms and then just said “fuck it” and walked out to the bins in my infamous Rio briefs. About 7:30 in the morning with everyone leaving for work. Strangely no one called a cop. I gotta say your better half one-upped me there.

      • I love it.. romance is never dead! Play and keep playing because we never are to old for it. My grandparents ( in their 70’s ) when I was a kid had a rule about opening their bedroom door, I was about 10 and wanted to watch TV one saturday morning, yet we kids were not to touch the TV, So I broke the rule. Caught poor grand dad on the down stroke! Nearly gave him his third heart attack. Grandma , bless her heart, merely looked over at me and said, “we will be out in a few minutes dear”. After a while she came out, but for some reason grandpa stayed in the bedroom most of the morning? I was not sure what I was to say or make of it all, but over my breakfast grandma said we shouldn’t ever mention this morning again. Oh well, now I have broken that promise haven’t I ? Hugs

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