The heavy wind last week took down a huge branch of one of my roses. Dammit. I intend to cut it back this autumn, but I didn’t want to lose a good meter of growth in July. It was so lovely, too.

I’d try sticking it in water to see what happens (I have crazy luck with that sort of thing), but it is so infested with black spot that it isn’t worth it. Bummer.

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            • Oh my, so many to look at! I think more like your pinky red one, yes – they aren’t all open at the centre like the pale one. What type of dog is Snowy? I think I should know – not a visla? Beautiful boys.

            • Podenco. Spanish hunting dog. Descended from African dogs. Pods are somewhat unique in that they hunt with sight, hearing and smell, not just one sense. He was chucked in a rubbish bin at a few days old … They are two a penny here. Well actually four or five a penny, and the penny is irrelevant.

              Visla wasn’t a bad one, muscly like vislas and hound body. Tbh, until I came to Spain, in fact until we homes Snowy, I’d never heard of them. Interesting breed …

            • He’s gorgeous. Does all that intelligence cause any problems? I will admit I have a less-than-smart dog, because we both work and she has to be home alone most of the day. Well, alone with the cats. She never has done any damage, so I’m glad about that.

            • Snowy was OKish when we had Pippa (died a year ago). Trouble was after I broke my ankle, or rather Snowy did when he cannoned into me from behind at speed, he’s not been left alone for two years. He’s too old to destroy now, well still likes the oven cloth, but he’s used to human company. Even though we acquirec another street dog pod this year, she’s hardly any help! Younger and more hyper.

              So yeah. A pod needs a certain type of owner. They are hugely affectionate, more than any dogs we have ever had. Intelligence is on a par with any hounds or GSDs (in my dog experience). They will sleep a lot. Luckily. But they are assertive. Tosca was trying to take Snowy’s treat yesterday and he started showing her serious teeth. Piranha had nothing on it.

              When we leave them in Spain, we can leave them in the patio. Good as gold. Don’t dare leave them in the flat, although thst is mainly Toscy as she is younger. Like all young dogs I guess.

            • Ah, I’m so sorry about Pippa. The hurt of losing a good dog never eases.
              I like an assertive dog – my heart dog was mostly chow chow amongst other things (GSD included). He was the best, I miss him so much.
              I have a lot of friends who rescue greyhounds, and I contribute supplies to the cause when I can. But they aren’t the dog for me – very mouthy and want to sleep on my bed! Um… I feel bad as I know they need help, but I’m not the right dog-mam for them. I might like your pods better?

            • No. Pods insist on the bed too. It’s clearly a hound thing. Actually our GSD did it if we left the bedroom door open, but not with us. Would also jump on chairs and sofa when we weren’t there. Pods are far worse than greys. Pods are in your face, bed, on your sofa, everywhere. Look up Pods on FB. Oddly, people become addicted. One becomes two becomes three becomes four …

              But so not a dog to be left alone. Mine is standing up at the window listening to my partner talking in the street. They are always alert. Even when they are asleep. Don’t think about it!

            • Gotcha, not for us who have to be away hours every day! And I don’t like using a crate- never found a dog who liked that idea either. I did hear that about Akitas, too, but ours is just fine alone. Maybe it’s a gender thing with them, or people not neutering? I’m all for the snip 🙂 Have it myself if I could!

            • I’m not a crate person either. Left one open for puppy Snowy if he wanted it. He didn’t. He marched around the big bed like a lemming demanding entrance.

              Huskies are meant to be cranky, but Pippa, X husky/Gsd was wonderful. No snip, but no problem. Snowy is entire, Toscy is spayed. Got my partner done. 🙂

            • I never had my good dog snipped, either – he was never running loose. But a female dog…eww, it was so messy! Actually he left…drips…all over the walls too. Ah, what we do for love 🙂

            • Five male dogs, only one snipped via the rescue. First female dog, got her spayed immediately. Worried to bits for her, great op, can’t see the scar, she was perky as F*** immediately! Ah. The drips. The spermy cock syndrome?

  1. Always a sadness when one of our green children is damaged. I’m crossing my fingers that my dwarf lychee tree in a tub has survived the failure of our automatic watering system. Half of it is breaking out in new pinky-bronze baby leaves, the other half still looks like bare dead sticks… Your red climber is beautiful, such a pity the wind has ravaged it.

  2. Lovely rose – my dad had the rose grower’s touch. He’s pick off the black leaves. There was some sort of rooting powder he used to use for branches like that one.
    That’s a gorgeous plate – perfect mimic of the rose branch curve. But do you have history of it? Origin? Really a nice one
    Enjoyed the dog tales between you and Gib above. GS have such definite personalities – you can almost see them thinking and figuring things out. The German was an a elegant aloof lady who preferred to sit alone on the couch – and never cuddled in bed. Molly Malamute is much more pack oriented – she really likes us all to do all things together. Much more social with dogs, too. The German always looked at you like “You want ME to sit with them? Sit with the dogs?”

    • My dad and his wife used to make and sell Irish pottery – and this is one of theirs! The Children of Lir. The other one is also decorated but didn’t come up in the picture. They did really good work, but got too tired of the touring needed to make any money at it. Even then the money was iffy! I could see if she still has any unsold stock, if you like? They are in N Arkansas so not even far to ship something.
      Neko will cuddle with Himself, but is terrified of me. I guess I should stick with male dogs? I know a lot more about cats, anyway. I do like a German…but never wanted to subject one to us being at work all day.

      • I thought that looked like an Irish design. Gorgeous work. You’d think their work would sell online. So much easier than traveling with samples/markets (I did that for a couple of years with my card company. Exhausting)
        So weird how if you look long enough you find threads connecting – we were in Little Rock for a bit. (You should tell them to pack any and all stock left and save it for you! Beautiful work)
        Dogs seem to imprint on a gender selection early as pups and hold to it all their lives. Molly is such a pack animal she wants to pile in on top of everyone all in one place…annoys RC Cat no end. RC by now realizes the only threat from Molly is getting roll on top of accidentally or an unwanted butt sniff – so she determinedly stays glued to her spot on the bed/legs pretty much mo matter what…snarling and complaining at time, but no longer gets chased off. A bit crowded and loud far too early on some mornings…

        • Neko steps on poor Spotty’s feet, because they both get so excited when HE comes home. He never listened when I told him over and over and over not to make a fuss on walking in the door…yeah. So likely I won’t get another dog, because my training goes out the window due to him being a big stupid puppy with hands made of food.
          Eh, I think since the pottery was mostly her thing, she has now moved into veggie gardening and is fine with with that. She has her own kids, they can have her stuff. I’d just like to have some of my dad’s things, when he goes.

  3. Late to the party, but so sad! It’s such a lovely branch. I know about having it in the house with cats, too. Not.

    Roses can be unexpectedly hardy, so if the branch is dead, hope the bush itself will come back. I actually thought I had dug up the root of a dead bush last year and the thing is coming up like an express train.

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