I need a kick in the pants to get me into this year’s gardening! Part of getting started is talking about it here, which I haven’t done yet this year. Yikes.

Himself and I have only just now realised neither of us took one single picture of the snowdrops. I could swear I did! He could swear I did, too. Maybe I did with the ‘real camera’? I’m sorry, but I can’t be bothered to go get the memory card right now. Damn thing is filled with a billion pictures (that neither of us have looked at) of our town’s Paddy’s Day parade. So; no 2016 snowdrops. 

Next up was the crocus, which I kinda half-arsedly stuck in the grass patch out front a few years back. They come up half-arsedly, too. 

End of February, these are. Kinda almost past the time they were blooming, too. 

Next were my miniature daffs.


I also have tiny purple iris in this pot – so at least it keeps going for a while with blooms!

Whoops – this was in December! Forget what the hell this is. Got it super cheap, along with the beautiful black grass. Tulips are planted (transplanted) below these, and coming up now.

Not our garden. But hubby took this and I love it. I’m sure he did some photo-whatever-magic, too – the colours are just a bit to bright, aren’t they?

Lastly – our wee daffodil patch in the darkest, wettest corner of the garden. I’ve never bought a daffodil bulb – these all came from our lovely next door neighbors who know I’m a sucker for anything green and will plant anything! Over the years they have spread quite a bit, and they do make us happy this time of year. 

For an awkward corner I sure have managed to fill it. Three rose bushes are under this tree: the white one is an ugly huge beast but I love it and have trouble convincing myself to cut it back. The crocosimia live here, too, and you can see a bit of clematis coming up through the truly awful grey willow I allowed to move in. (Confession- I accidentally grew it from wild seed, didn’t know what it was, and moved it there) It’s massive, the other neighbor hates it, and lawsy me but it makes a mess in Autumn! The little birds and the clematis love it, however, so I haven’t had the heart to try to murder it. I wanted a lilac there! Oh well. Any tips on how to kill it, but leave the structure behind so I can put my new wisteria there? Yes, I do know I’m asking for major trouble with the wisteria.

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  1. Trouble or not, wisteria is gorgeous in its moment. 🙂 Looks like you have a real project keeping all this going!

  2. The black grass looks like Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’.
    The white plant with it looks like Lamium maculatum… Otherwise known as deadnettle (Not actually a nettle)

    As to willow?
    God only knows… I think the best way to get rid of it is to chop it down and dig it out. You can keep some branches for a frame… But don’t just cut them and dig them in. Willow has a horrid ability to root itself!

    Oh… And half-arsed is better than no arse. There, I said it.

    • You are probably right on both counts for the nettle and the grass! Super impulse purchases in Nov last year, or Oct even! I hope I have what they are somewhere in the mess I call my house. But I thought they would compliment each other so there they are!
      I was hoping if I got crazy with a sawsall or something and hacked at roots, I could kill it. Not likely though! It is a native tree so maybe not so tenacious. It definitely hasn’t made babies, at least.
      I’m good with half-arsed! I have a talent for it, after all!

      • If you want to really kill it you could drill into the base and pour in some diesel. The diesel will kill the plant while it is weak from not getting any photosynthesis.
        Bere in mind that this is NOT ecologically sound and may well kill any plants that are close to the roots.
        You would be better off digging it up… Or taking a chainsaw to it. B-)

  3. I think the dead nettle may actually be lamium purpureum on account of the purple flower… pretty idea to stick it with the black mondo grass: one with white leaves and a purple flower, and the other with black leaves and a lilac flower.

  4. Wisteria are fine if you are prepared to care for them on a regular basis. If not watch out!.
    There was one going bonkers here when we bought and it was a job and a half to remove it from under the eaves and where it had got into the roof. I kid you not.
    It still shoots up every now and then and I would swear we dug it all out.
    There is a white one down our drive that has overpowered several very tall cacti. It looks super when in bloom.
    Just make sure you prune and prune!

    • I know how they are! I don’t want to put it near the house 🙂 I don’t have a lot of room to work with, though. I’ve heard stories of them ripping the chimney right off a house (mine is in the middle so safe).

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