Musing on Cats vs Dogs


I just watched iDJ succumb to the cats begging for treats, again. They know where we keep the treats, and pester him until he caves. This is not something I would ever do, but they have him sussed and play him like a piano.

Because he is a big softie and thinks that animals have human emotions like jealousy, he also gives the dog a treat after he gets suckered into the cats’ pleadings. 

This is something I strongly disagree with. The dog could kill any cat without trying very hard at all, and relating their food to her food is a terrible idea. She is food-motivated, unlike our previous dog, and hubby just doesn’t get the difference in how she thinks. The only good thing he does is to make sure that the cats get theirs first, which is vital to keeping the cats above the dog in pack order. 

All of that isn’t actually why I’m writing this. It’s because the dog eats her treat as fast as possible and then goes running back to iDJ, looking for more. Which never happens. Ever. It doesn’t seem to matter, however. She scarfs up the treat with barely a chance to taste it, and hopes for more she can’t even savour.

The cats? They have had theirs, and are happy with what they have gotten, and proceed to leave him alone for a few hours.

I’m pretty sure this is why I’m more of a cat-person. I understand their thinking, and have more respect for it. I can’t really ever understand why you would rush through a pleasurable experience. Especially when there is zero chance of another one happening right away.

I wonder how many humans act this way? 

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  1. I’m the same way. I relate to cats thinking more than dogs. I enjoy dogs… They just aren’t for me đŸ™‚ I also think cats have human emotions hahaha. If I give one something, I make sure to find the other and give her the same. I’ve always thought they get jealous… Now I’m thinking I’m totally wrong!

  2. Thing is, cats just can’t hack that “I’m starving, please save me” expression that dogs do so well. Cats are more “hmm, a little snackette would be nice, how about it, big boy?”

    • Mmm, I don’t know. We’ve a Bengal (loud, smart and persistent) and a Siamese (super loud, kinda dumb, and gets stuck on ‘repeat’ when he wants something). Bengal will stand up and poke at the cabinet with the treats, look at you, meow, sit and stare at the door, look at you, meow… You get the idea! There is also a little metal dragonfly hanging from the door handle – it makes a lovely clinking noise which Spot uses to great effect! Hubby thinks it is cute. Me not so much!

  3. Hmmmm. I agree with you and being a dog person, know that your big fur baby could easily get pissed and take a chunk out of kitty. We have two dogs that are more like semi-human kids but never EVER do we feed them remotely together. Firstly big Bella would wipe out SophieB with one gulp and the rest is just too traumatic to ponder…. you get the idea. I shall hope for the best! đŸ˜‰

    • I never had two dogs at once. Although I have a friend who has three, and never did find the first joint of her finger after breaking up a dog fight (bad idea, clearly). Pack rules are important! But they can change at any time between dogs, so your feeding separately sounds quite wise.
      At least our dog runs into the other room to eat her carrot, away from the cats.

      • I’ve always had AT LEAST 2 dogs–Yeah, crazy as a loon. But I adore dogs. Does that make me a pack animal. Bella, the big white Yeti we have, has such a strong herding instinct, she just assumes and makes whomever is here part of her flock. Sophie, the hound, is the opposite and as aggressive as a rattler. Watch your fingers when you give her a treat. She’s a gentle little soul in a dog’s body/mind and she really shows it at times. If she had her way, Bella would starve so we have to feed them in entirely different areas, bowls, times, everything, to prevent the whole mentality that Soph will fall into.

        I cannot imagine losing your finger but know and have seen people do some really stupid things–not saying your friend is stupid but some don’t take into consideration they are dogs not human beans. OK, off to feed the big one. đŸ˜‰ Bella likes hers as sweet potatoes chunks, roasted of course. :-/

        • It was a stupid thing to do, for sure! Yes, you are a pack animal. And as long as you are the top dog, there is nothing wrong with that at all.
          I would have a hard time with Sophie, as I just don’t get the intense love for food. I mean, I do – wow if I could eat all I wanted of certain things, I sure would! But I would savour every bite; the gobbling down doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a rescue dog before and she will never forget what being hungry felt like? I’ve had lots of rescue cats, and they always learn quickly that they won’t be hungry anymore.

          • I am most definitely the alpha. With a dog that is over 100lbs, it’s absolutely crucial tho she’s a sweetheart, she does have a pushy side if she gets the idea she might get away with it. I took her for a walk in the rain on a slick hillside when she was about 5mths and she started pulling. I reined her in and then I slipped on the hillside. BUT didn’t let go of that frigging leash because I couldn’t let her win and she really tried to get lose. My daughter had a cow thinking she was going to pull my arm out of the socket but frankly, I’ve always had dogs so things come relatively natural to me as to how to manage issues that arise. Now she’s a perfect walker on leash… On the other hand, you can imagine the beagle. đŸ˜‰ Btw, she’s not really are rescue, we got her from a litter that happened to be in the neighborhood. And no, she’s never been hungry… I call her beable due to her rounded physique. Haha!

            • I rather expected you were the Alpha, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it was necessary! That’s a great story, and I’m sure she never forgot that lesson, either.
              I don’t know much about beagles – are they more of a working dog? Her nickname is cute đŸ˜†
              By the way – hubby reads the blog but not the comments. So I can sneak in that I have noticed him kicking Neko out of the room when giving the cats their snacks, ever since this post! I might just have a new way to teach him, after all!

  4. I enjoy all kinds of critters, but there is a special place in my heart for cats. I don’t dislike dogs; I just find cats more congenial. I like their ability to look after themselves. Dogs tend to be so needy, so in-your-face. Plus I can pet a cat and not feel like I need to wash my hands afterwards. Sharing a home with a cat is a bit more like having a housemate. Having a dog is more like having a child. They are more work. More smell. More hair. More expense.

    I have had both dogs and cats in my time. I grieved much more deeply and painfully when I lost a cat. I miss my dogs, and I was sad when I had to put the last one down. I feel I am in no hurry to get another one. But I could not imagine living without a cat.

    • I’m right there with you on all counts. Plus you can kiss a cat on the head (if they let you) and don’t have to hold your breath or worry about being slobbered all over. I just don’t do dog-kisses, it’s gross. I know how that saliva clings to her food bowl – why would I want that on my face?!?
      I had one truly awesome dog, and unlike cats where they are ALL truly awesome, I don’t think I’ll ever find another dog like him. It is like replacing a child – but he was a GOOD kid đŸ™‚
      I doubt I’ll get another after Neko. Mostly because while I can train a dog, I can’t train my husband. And that makes for a confused dog, which is no good to me or the dog. He thinks everything is fine… Sigh.
      I will never be cat-free, if at all possible.

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