Question Time! Opinions Wanted.


Our beloved Mini is dying the death of a hundred papercuts. We have spent enough on it in the last three months to decide a monthly payment for a non-death-trap car is no longer an option, but a necessity.

The big question is – what colour? I’ve asked a few of my family and friends, but why not ask my blog friends, too? 

So:  Deep Blue?

Or Moonwalk Grey?
  I have a negative reason for each colour, but I’m on the fence as to which I like more. Neither photo is exactly what we will be buying, but these are as close as we could come via Ms Google. We’d not have the orange bits on the headlights and side lights, and it would have a sunroof. Stuck with those ugly wheels for now, though. Likely the side, or wing, mirrors on the blue one will be the same flat black as on the grey one, too. (Pics stolen randomly off the internet, sorry if I’ve violated any copyright. Will remove on request!)

What do you think? Blue or grey?

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  1. Feck sake, I saw the blue first and was like…..oh deep blue…love it and then you confused me with the grey cos I like them both.
    I think though I am going to plump for the blue.
    Look at that, I managed that all on my own without having to phone a friend….maybe I’m not indecisive after all, just a feckin eejit lol

  2. Depends how practical you want to be.
    Ireland = wet weather = mud = shows up a lot on a dark blue car, less on a grey one. Are you big car washers, or do you regard mud as an extra protective layer for your paintwork, like me?
    Conversely, Ireland = wet weather and fog = invisible grey car. Pros and cons for both.
    The blue is a good colour, if you can’t have either red or British Racing Green, which are both ‘proper’ Mini colours 🙂 The grey is, um, practical….

    • Ha! Well. I just don’t think about red unless it is a convertible. I would LOVE the green, but there is this weird family thing on his side where they have a superstition, and it really isn’t worth it to start a war over nothing but my preference for a car colour. My last car in the US was a lovely dark green sports car, and I’ll just hold on to that memory for a while!

      • Our car’s a dark blue, and Australian dirt is orange. What can I say? You’ve got to go with what you love. Silver would have been practical, there’s a dark burnt orange I quite liked for hiding mud but was just too ‘loud’. But we just liked the blue….

    • It is interesting how we try to be practical when spending crazy amounts of money! This is why white or black both are not an option for us, other than looks.
      Having a big dog, leather seats are just silly. Being a human being, a cloth white or cream interior is just silly!

  3. I’m coming down on the side of the grey…..just looks more grown-up to me (of course my own vehicle is grey too, so maybe it just looks more “homey” to me…)

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