Now You are in Trouble! Cat Videos 24/7?


Bwah ha ha! Now I have the power! The power to make you all look at videos of my cats. Yes!!!

Next in the rotation is a (sideways, sorry) clip of my boys being disgusting.

Disgustingly cute!


I’m pretty sure this video is a few years old, but they still have a mutual admiration society of two.

Love these guys to bits.

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    • They really are. I’ve been so lucky with my cats over the years. Only ever one that I couldn’t love, and that was Spot’s mother. I still kept her until I found her a good home, of course. But it’s luck of the draw when you get a kitten sometimes. I was selfish and wanted a Siamese, as we always had at least one when I was growing up. I met and picked out Lokii when he was just a tiny handful. While he isn’t very smart, for a Siamese, he knew exactly how to make Spot be his best friend. Such a lovely boy!

    • It’s rare that the Siamese is doing so much of the work. Usually he sticks his head under Spot’s and it triggers a bathing session. Lokii is the cleanest cat ever, he even smells like flowers somehow!

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