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    • If you notice, no one is laughing while he does it!
      I have known cats who very much were offended when you laughed at them. Spot doesn’t seem to care, thankfully!
      So glad it worked – now I need to figure out how to embed a video without paying WP for an upgrade!

  1. Bwwaaa haa!

    With the newest WordPress protocols, you can just copy and paste the Youtube link from the location bar right into your post and Bob’s your uncle, the video is right there in your post. Try it.

  2. It does indeed work but you may actually be able to embed the video on your own post by using this script:

    Nice not to have to go to YouTube for all their advertising 😉 Lovely catch of a gorgeous fellow.

  3. Another thing you might want to consider if it gives you the option (or go back in script and embed it) is to have it open the video in a new window. That way when the person closes out of it, they go back to your blog. I try always to have any link from my blog target=”_blank”.

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