Life is Hard


If you aren’t a big spoiled dog.

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    • Oooo! New person! New fun person who actually leaves comments!!! Yay! Okay I’ll stop with the giddy happy dance.

      And – how is that comfortable? Yeah I know my bod isn’t made that way but it just looks like it shouldn’t work for dogs. Maybe better for cats. Who are made out of rubber, I think. Or silly putty.

      • Haha… I know what u mean but I guess they know best. Our dog, Murphy, curls up in a large basket and looks soooo adorable and cosy that u just want to snuggle in beside him. And he stays so warm… Greetings from NL and a dog-adoring household. 🙂

        • Murphy! Not a very Dutch name at all! More like an Irish boy 🙂 Ours is Neko (for Neko Case) and is, much to her chagrin, outnumbered by cats. She has a lovely basket upstairs, but in the living room has to suffer with that blanket and a much thinner bed. The poor thing 🙂

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