A Mini Update


The car is ok.

The issue was that the new battery wasn’t connecting to the car properly! I never looked – I should have – panic over nothing. Fixed free of charge, and a hook up to the computer to see if anything else is error-messaging. All clear!

Hubby went to work today, he is fine but a bit tired (and got lots of comments on the fact he lost visible weight while in hospital. Worst crash diet ever). He is right now getting the exhaust tied on tighter via a LocalLad Redneck Repair service – otherwise known as a friend with car-ramps and, oh yes, an engineering degree. This could be very good, or very bad!

The car is vital – not just everyday, but this week especially so, for me. On Saturday, I finally get to meet one of my blogging buddies in person! It’s so exciting. There are so many of you that I’d love to laugh in person with. After four years of doing this blog (the anniversary was early last month, whoops), and my not being able to travel the whole time for financial reasons, someone is finally able to come here! She hasn’t posted in ages so I won’t link back, but we’ve had a few Skype and land-line phone conversations and I just think she’s the bee’s knees. I get the feeling we are going to embarrass our respective husbands – sure hope they get along as I think we are going to regress to silly mode right away.

Things are looking up! Wait, what: was that me just being positive? I don’t have a photo for that…

…maybe I do? Enjoy some happy Irish heather that I dug out of a bog and moved to my garden, enjoying October sunshine. 

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  1. Oh, I love good news posts! Healthy car, somewhat healthier husband, and you’re doing what I love doing, meeting new friends Beyond the Blog. I can’t get my s….t together today to get out and dig more holes in the backyard, I’m riveted to my new book, The Martian. I dearly love a good science workout. They did a good job with the movie too, a bit sanitised but still much better than the common run.

  2. I am very glad to hear that the car and hubby is doing fine. Love that Heather and it’s such a beautiful shot. Have fun HTB! 😀

    • Car is being weird again – dammit! Got nearly 24 hours out of it. This seems a new thing.
      More tests for himself in the morning, and maybe I can get the car looked at Thursday.
      Glad you like the heather – it does soothe 🙂

  3. Dead Battery Cell?
    Gunk around the connections?
    Faulty connection to Alternator?
    HT leads shot or not properly connected?
    Faulty spark plug or loose lead / not properly connected? ( or even connected to the wrong plug! – seen it happen.)

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