Gadzooks! Gazania!


I have a new flower-favourite (until my tigridia start to bloom)! 

Please meet my very first Gazania – Gazania rigens. The sub-species I have is unknown as the seed packet we bought didn’t bother to specify. Lazy sods.

They are also known as the Treasure Flower, or African Daisy. I definitely consider them a treasure.

I started these from seed way back in April, and this is the first one to open. There are nine other blooms waiting to show their lovely faces, if the sun will just come out to play.

first gazania Ireland from seed

 Himself took this on 25 July, the first day it opened. (Fancy pants camera)

The same bloom has been shut tight ever since, which has annoyed me to no end. Not only because it is evidence the weather has been shite, but because I really wanted to see it again before the bloom withered.

(iPhone pic) Today, there was enough warmth for the new wan to have another look at the sky. I’m in love! These flowers are  brushstroke of glowing paint in my soggy, windy world. I hope the rest of the buds have a chance to see the sky, too. 

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  1. What a beauty! Well done to you.
    We have this variety as well; it is a gorgeous flower.
    It is unfortunate that they are so shy when the sun is not around.
    But take heart. Now you have the first one and proved they will grow even in Ireland you can start to grow an entire range of colours.
    And don’t forget to watch when the flowers begins to seed.

    You can collect some of the seeds and have a go at growing ‘them on’.

      • Oh, a variety. I didn’t realise. Then you are in for a treat!
        I hope you get some deep maroon ones and the purple and white variety.
        One thing I have noticed is the ”offspring” never seem to be exactly the same as the parent plant for some reason.
        I tried colour coding seeds for a short while but eventually gave up as they were never the same! 🙂
        I read somewhere that new plant might not grow from engineered hybrids, but my plants seems to sprout up all the time.

        • Well, they are native to your land! Yes, I’m meant to have white and something and pink and something – but I only germinated 6 seeds of the packet, I have no idea what decided to take! This is why I love growing from seed. I am responsible for a plant’s entire life, for one – I can’t let it down. This is also why I can’t be a vegetarian – I hate killing plants as much as I hate that animals have to die to be on my plate. I have a two year old beet, for fuck’s sake.
          Ooo, I just went way off topic.

          • S’okay. Know that story. I planted spring onions this year all over the show to see where they would grow best.
            There were several that popped up at the front of the house and grew as if they were on bloody steroids.
            I have been summarily banned from pulling them out of the ground on pain of pain by the wife. They are at least three times bigger than any other in the garden.
            Perhaps the cats crap there and thus more fertizilizer? 😉

            • That is odd! I have to say I’m an onion-hater (I’m sure there is a phobia-word for it). And I’d usually think cat-turds are less of a boon than a Bowie knife, to plants. But maybe nasty ol onions like cat-scat. Should partially explain why they hate me (feeling is oh-so mutual) so much.

  2. Stunning flower! With dark green leaves and sturdy. Sounds like a winner. So uniquely patterned they almost look unreal – like a painting. And there are other colors? I’ll have to check the local nursery that isn’t a big box store one and see if they have any – or know if they can grow here in the heat. Just fabulous

  3. I commented on this yesterday, but somehow it doesn’t seem to have posted! Magnificent flower and I think your iPhone kept up just fine!

    • His came out with richer colour – swears he didn’t mess about with photoshop. It’s funny, mine is blurry on the petals but clear on the centre, and his is the reverse! The petals weren’t flat but standing up a lot, so a good few inches in focus-difference. I really like them!

  4. I don’t blame you for being in love. I love these beauties and I wish I could have more flowers in my garden, but the ground is way too rocky. Maybe one day I will get some planters and try my hand at it. You took excellent shots as well. Such beautiful colours and your photos shows it off so well. 😀

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