Brown 25


If you get the title reference, you are officially not a young’in. It’s okay, I’m not a young’in either. We can grow old(er) and more immature together!

This is something I could buy:

Now, it is a charity selling these, and I support that of course. But. But. Butt… “brown drops”? 

Sounds more like something that is coming out of, rather than going into, a digestive system.

I do buy their licourice allsorts, but this one scares me.

*Brown 25. Not safe for work, home, the bus, the train, while eating, on a bicycle, on a chair, in a car, or on a motorcycle. And whatever you do, don’t click on this link to Safety Sam

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  1. Safety Sam scared the hell out of me so I closed the window. Then I reopened this post, clicked on the link again, then closed the window again. Which means this is the 3rd time I’ve logged onto this post, all because I’m a scaredy cat 🙂

    How is it you’ve got your thumb on my impulse control problem?

  2. Lordy…can we just think happy thoughts about the licorice allsorts instead?

    Love me some licorice allsorts 😀

    • I’d guess they have so little actual chocolate in them, they can’t even be cute about it. Both bags are still there today – but someone bought the rhubarb things and left them for others to share! I dislike rhubarb, so didn’t partake.

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