Sunshine and Plantiness


Does that title even work? Meant it to be a play on sunshine and happiness, because if I do one more post with spring in the title I will be annoyingly repetitive.

That said, Mental Mama has started a new posting challenge, and the first one is… Spring. Easy-Peasy!

First: the daffodils are finally opening. I have more of them than I expected, considering I’m not actually a huge fan of them in general. These were all given to us.

Four different plants at four different locations! The last pic is for ARQ, who recently got giddy over tiny tiny daffs (probably actually narcissus – I don’t know, like I said I don’t have a love for them so, meh). 

This is what happens when you forget what you planted where and accidentally sit a pot on top of a daffodil bulb. How did I not notice this sooner? Damn, I feel like an asshole now. Poor thing.

My rosemary is blooming! I didn’t expect that. The tiny flowers almost look like orchids.

The raspberries seem to love their home and have lots of new growth. I finally gave up on my elderly strawberries and dug them all out. But because I just can’t stand to kill a plant, I put them into the Stupid Girl raised bed. For now.

I put these three beauties into the vacant spaces the strawberries were (that hadn’t already been taken over by raspberries moving underground). We won’t talk about how much they were for one damn corm – ouch – because you and I know they will be awesome and well worth it a few years down the road!

This is Our Robin. He’s made our little estate his territory, and between us and our neighbours on the other side of this wall, we feed him and adore him. Think he has a lady-friend, but as they look nearly identical it is hard to tell. March is their breeding season after all, and he did fatten himself up on my blueberries last year, the little bollicks. 

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  1. Here’s a question you might be able to help me answer. We’ve been watching House hunters international (americans looking for homes abroad) and my husband always wonders the same thing. He grew up in Kenya and is now living in California (me too), and can’t wrap his head around people leaving the US. So what inspired you to up and go? Was it worth it?

    • Hi! Well, I’ve never seen that show. I can only imagine they have money to spend and usually pick an English speaking country.
      Why I moved here: I met the man who is now my husband of nearly 10 years online. I was in Ohio – he in the tiny town we both live in now. We debated on who was to move where, but it was best for both of us for me to move here. I have little family and none nearby at the time, he had huge family and all of his friends from the time he was born, etc.
      I also was raised to have a love for my Irish heritage, so I couldn’t imagine anywhere else I’d go, if I left the USA.
      Personally, I never fit in anywhere and hoped a new place might ‘get’ me better. That hasn’t turned out to be true – but eventually I’ll be old enough to not care at all!

      I’ve also grown to dislike how things are done in the USA. The first eye-opener was the media. I always believed that the papers and the TV told the facts, and it was horrible to find out that wasn’t the case. My mother was a newspaper editor so I’m not one of those that are sceptical of media for no reason; I grew up with a love for it, actually. Did I help at all or did I just do a whole new blog post?

  2. i laughed when i first read your post about too much springiness. i cannot see the post now, how we love our WP, so will have to be OK with that. loved to see all your fertileness! YAY for spring is all i can say… it’s my favorite time of year tho i’ve stopped short of more calla photos on my blog. i have some beautiful ones but….

  3. I love Mister Robin. Fun Fact: When I was a tiny thing of 17 or so I was the Court Jester of the Society for Creative Anachronism in my region — you’ve heard of them, crazed mooks who jaunt about on weekends in medieval clothes — and my name was Robin Crosspatch, and I had a proper European robin on my crest. I hadn’t seen one represented since then.

    My rosemary has never ever bloomed. In fact, for the second year in a row we had this arctic air thing and it’s dead again. Time to visit the nursery soon.

    • Robin Crosspatch is a great name! You will be hearing more about Mr Robin and Mrs Robin – they have moved in, literally…to be continued!

      I have no idea why the rosemary is so happy. Two years in a too-small pot, it is too heavy and blows over all the time. I did remember to knock the snow off of it this winter, they hate that.

  4. I called my mother today and she asked about that plant she gave me at Xmas. I had to admit it didn’t do well. She laughed and admitted she hadn’t have much success either, she didn’t know it was a difficult plant. I’ll have to steal something else from her house when I visit her this Easter, hopefully it will work better.

    But I have a very beautiful Aponegeton, an aquatic plant considered very difficult. I’m not totally despaired 🙂

  5. Beautiful flowers! My mom has always had a way with plants, now I’m trying to take on growing some. We have one very small and quite pathetic daffodil so far and a handful of crocus.

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