Inbox = Cleared!


It has taken months, but I finally have gotten my inbox down to ZERO unread emails. This is both my private email, and my blog email! Yes I know I have been rubbish at commenting these last few months, but now I feel as though I can be me again! No pressure! No backlog!

I’m looking forward to being able to read everything you crazy, beautiful people post. Let’s hope it happens!

We won’t talk about the Hotmail account I’ve had since 1997 or so that I probably haven’t looked at in a year…

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  1. It’s been driving me nuts lately not being able to get all of my correspondence stuff taken care of promptly, so I can only imagine how wonderful taking care of the backlog must feel for you. HOORAY!

  2. Now that’s impressive. Congrats! Must feel wonderful.
    (feeling so guilty here….)
    Hey – reason to party ( I can delete stuff later – party now! You see the problem here…oh, look sun…just ahead of days of grim and cold in a few hours….)

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