A Touch of Frost, of Spring


I’m happy to announce that my drive home was, for the first time in what is probably months, not pitch black. Considering I don’t leave work until 6:30pm, that’s a very good thing. We are on the upswing to spring, folks, I promise!

I have some flowers to prove it, of course:

First, some idiot roses, now freeze-dried.

One of the massive white ones out back. Clearly wasn’t ready for the cold.

And one of the small pink/red ones out front. What were they thinking to bloom in mid-winter? Okay I do know that roses can’t think. Maybe. I did a science experiment back in the day that made me wonder about that, actually.

On to less-dead things. Of course, the very first flower we see in Ireland is the snowdrop. We haphazardly stuck a few in the ground 3 or 4 years ago, and they are reproducing like bunnies on Viagra.

Love them! These are closed, sorry – I’m not home during the hours of the day when they open up and show their green, bee-orchid bellies.

Crocus are on the way up too. Not open yet, but the poor things are in a spot where we are likely to walk on them. Oh well.

Is that snow? Not by my Northern Ohio standards. It will have to do.

The daffodils caught us by surprise . This time of year I rarely go into the corner where they grow unless I’m doing dog-poop-scoop duty.

They are about 8in tall already – 20cm. Can’t believe I only spotted them on Monday! Guess that means my weed cover grass is too long.

Lastly, the clematis. I have little knowledge of how to care for this plant. I stuck it in the ground at the base of our weed-tree (a grey willow) and let it go to town. iDJ loves them, so these are ‘his’ plants despite me being the caretaker. Any green you see is clematis, or moss…

This one is a couple of years old now – maybe three? I have a bad time sense. Want to say this is the second spring for it, anyway. These buds look so tender, it makes me worry for them. It’s below freezing now and has been most of the day. I have to trust they know what they are doing. Oh – this photo is taken at my eye-level, and I’m 5ft8in (rounded up to 173cm). So, I’m pretty sure the plant is happy and healthy.

Hope all of you are happy and healthy too, and have some signs of spring in your life.

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  1. Clematis love to climb and tend to like lots of sun. We have some in the back yard at the corner of the sunroom that climb up trellises. Lovely flowers.

    I’m quite jealous that you’re seeing green already. The only green I’ll get for awhile is evergreens and even those are liberally covered in snow. We’re probably up to around 10″ with today’s accumulation.

  2. Bunnies on Viagra…that just made me literally LOL, which trust me is a difficult feat today. Congratulations! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We aren’t nearly in crocus territory here yet, although it’s close and it’s been an uneven winter with a lot of warm days. It’s wonderful how right about Candlemas you really do feel the light swelling. Yay for the Pagan calendar.

  4. Every year, you surprise me with signs of early spring in Ireland. We’re so far from this. At this time of the year, we are going through the last few cold waves (always hoping this one is the last one). Just yesterday we’ve had a significant snow fall accompanied by a strong cold wind. Roads were terrible. Another two months before we see early signs of springs.

    Can’t wait till you begin posting about your flowers again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I believe our official first of spring is the first of February. It does make sense here, I suppose. That doesn’t mean I’m going to start any seedling yet, of course! I always like it when nature knows better than I do.

  5. The flowers are very confused right now. Dandelions getting blown apart by chilling winds..so they are staying short and low to the ground.
    Laughed over the “weed cover” comment – right now the weeds are covering the dormant grass. We need to put weed and feed fertilizer on except that can’t be used under trees/around tree roots…and unlike my energetic neighbor, I just can bear to sit on/in the lawn all day and pull them up by hand…so will just keep mowing short until the weed die from the heat (which I fear is coming far too early)

    • I actually thought of you when I did the weed cover comment, as you are the master at using the line through the word(s) tool! It probably has a name. What I want to say, or what I shouldn’t say, or what I really mean-tool?

      I use some of that weed and feed too, but not around the crocus which are just kinda haphazardly stuck in my grass out front. And not in the little corner where the daffs are, because I always forget what is planted there. Except for my lavender rose, and I’m taking no chance with that!

      Think you will have another dry year?

      • I need to do some old farmer weather research. Arctic front due in next week (Hang in there plants!) Now I’m trying to find some way to run fires ants in the backyard – can’t use the dry bait I normally use out front as Molly can’t get near that stuff. Hot water….more research this weekend at an organic nursery.
        Words are easier than weeds in the spring!

          • The bait works great. There’s bound to be something…currently irritating the heck out of them by watering their mound a lot. County agent says they will set up camp in the driest lawn…my neighbors don’t have kids or dogs so I I can just encourage the ants to move a few more feet – I’ll buy the bait for them!

            • Can’t tell you how many times I stood in a fire-ant nest and didn’t realise it until the pain hit! But man, they were the best for cleaning corpses. I’d toss a dead anole or bird on top of the nest, and the next day I’d have a beautiful perfect skeleton.

            • Those ants march right through pastures and clean up anything in their paths. ( got some nice sculptural bones for weavings, art projects, and still life set-ups that way) Some wildlife people blame fire ants for the disappearance of horny toads in East TX. We used to play with those odd little toads – such funny creatures.

            • Those are the geckos! We used to call the other ones chameleons, but they are actually anoles. When I went back to FL in 97, suddenly there were geckos. It was weird.

              I used to feed the anoles to my snakes ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. *sigh* I’m sitting here under four feet of snow.. actually kinda jealous.. but not in a I hate you sorta way.. just in a ‘well it is nice SOMEONE is getting flowers” but being a wee bit sarcastic about it sorta way..

    But seriously, it was nice to live vicariously though you.. thank you for sharing them.

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