Spot Has a New Dirty Trick


If you have cats, you probably have experienced what we call ‘Now, where the hell am I supposed to sit?’ wherein said cat(s) immediately curl up in the space your warm butt has just vacated. Spot is a master at this, taking only seconds to claim as His the butt-heated chair/cushion/couch/bed.

So. A few months ago, I obtained a slightly ripped, slightly dirty but still brand-new duvet. As I had no real need for it myself, I folded it up and put it into Neko’s bed, because it is an old dog bed and rather thin on the padding.

(round one of seasonal “blowing the coat”. No freakin clue why she does this in the middle of winter)

Considering how much fur she has, Neko still likes a nice warm and soft bed to sleep in. Until she gets too hot and lies on the wood floor, of course.

How do these two stories become one evil cat-habit?

Spot has learned that if he tries to sleep with (or on) Neko, she gets irritated and gets up out of her bed. I’m sure at first, Spottie just wanted doggie cuddles. Once she left the bed, he suddenly had kitty-acres of warmth all to himself. After a few days, Spot had realised he could make Neko leave her own bed, and he now does it every night. Several times a night. Neko got so disgusted she actually left our bedroom and slept downstairs, the poor thing!

(before Spot copped on and they were “sharing” the bed)

I’m still trying to figure out a way of breaking this habit without having to wake up several times…

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  1. Cats are just rotten little buggers. Judging by Evie’s behavior, what you need to do is get something Spot likes better and put it on your bed so that he’ll sleep there, warm it for you, and you kick his furry little butt out come bed time. I let Evie warm my pillow every evening that way and it’s really quite lovely. 🙂

    • Ha! That’s brilliant for you – but wouldn’t work here. All five of us are in the bedroom at night, but only humans and cats in the human bed. Spot crushed against my chest, Lokii in the warm spot behind my knees, all of us under the blankets. Problem is I am a restless sleeper which annoys Spot so he wakes up and causes trouble…

      • Yeah, Evie doesn’t sleep on the bed when both of us are on it. She’ll hang out there with me if Josh isn’t in bed or home from class yet, and she’ll hang out with him after I’ve gone to sleep while he’s still sitting up in bed or if I’ve gotten up for the morning and they’re both still lounging/snoring, but if we’re both under the covers she can usually be found in one of “her” chairs or on her special little rug. Hey, maybe that’s it – get Spot a warm little rug or bed of his own to hang out on? Evie’s rug is a $5 special from Ikea.

  2. That’s a cat for you. (Spot looks like Olde Tiger) Here, RC expects us to warm the bed before she settles in…and then there’s the preliminary hang 2 front legs over the end of the bed – over the dog until Molly squirms “Mom, She’s giving the evil eye.”
    Molly gets hot, too and sometimes wanders over across the foyer by the front door that leaks air.
    We’ve just realized about dog coat blow – twice a year? Are you using a stripper brush/furminator? We’ve got to do something – fluffy dog hair snakes everywhere. We’ve been told to sweep hair backwards and then brush…would really rather do this outside, but the miserable weather is preventing that. Maybe on a sheet in the kitchen…

    • Poor Molly!
      Yes, I have a cheap knock-off Furminator brush. That was the first go, and I’ve done one more, and she is ready for round three now. Once you start to see the bits of fur you can ‘pluck’ out, time for the intensive brushing! I do it there in the kitchen and then run the Dyson. We have no carpet 🙂 The tumble-dogs are just amazing if I don’t do the brushing…

      • sounds like tomorrow’s chore. Round 3? Hate to do it with Jan being our coldest month and this winter is colder than usual, but looks like the dog determines the timing. We got rid of all the carpet as soon as we got here – it’s just yucky in this climate even without pet hair. Thanks for the help

  3. 🙂

    ah a problem but they look so sweet, especially that furry pup. Bella blows her coat about once ever 66 weeks… i actually think she just sheds constantly but she’s still a love and loves her memory foam bed, even if she hangs off the edges. Buying a bed big enough for her is impossible. xox

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