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My three-year Blogavarsary has come and gone, oops!

In honour of missing my big 3: for three years, I’ve been wanting to share something special to me. And for three years, I’ve never found that ’roundtuit’ that I needed.

No more! Tonight is the night. With Halloween so very close, I can’t wait another day unless I want to wait another year. Nope.

I love – love! – to paint three-dimensional objects. I’ve not done it in many years, but I’m going to have to look into doing it again. I miss it – and as you will see – I’m good at it, dammit.

I love painting tiny details; getting it just perfect, no matter how many re-paintings I have to do.

Some of these are ceramics from a shop in Akron, Ohio, and some are cheap plaster kits from a US craft store (probably Pat Catan’s). I love all of them, no matter if they are cute and smily or creepy and realistic.

These were painted in 1995 (I dated the bottoms). Cute n cuddly plaster stuff! The witches are my favourites and I shout “I found the bitches!” when I unwrap them every year.

More of the same cutesy set (there are six different ones). Also some of the tiny tiny candle holders which were painted in ’92. There are two of each kind: Frankenstein’s monster, witches, and my favourite of the set, spiders in sneakers and top hats! The pumpkin is ceramic, and I can’t see the date that I made it as there’s a candle in it. I’d say about 1999/2000? I really like it.

Squeee, my spiders in sneaks and hats! I can’t believe they are in such good shape after over 20 years.

The pumpkin stack is one of a pair – also plaster – never really liked my work on these as they are too monochromatic. The skull stack is ceramic and newer. I broke it last week. Thank fuck for superglue.

The fairy houses in the back? Not mine. Hand carved by my amazing dad!

My pride and joy – a huge pumpkin bowl. Ceramic, the inside is glazed hard black and can be used for food. We use it for our candy-dish when giving out treats on the big night.

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  1. No woeful tale here! These are really amazing. How cool they have survive and you have them! Not using such talent should haunt you…ghost of a chance that other could equal…OK better fade or levitate out of here – but these are very very nice)

  2. Holy fuck woman, you definitely need to do more of this! WOW! Those are so far beyond amazing that I don’t even have the right English for it.

    I can entirely understand what you mean about needing to get motivated to get back into a hobby. I’ve been trying to do that myself with my knitting. 🙂

  3. Wow! I remember my mother doing ceramic work and it looked nothing like this. Excellent! I hope you get the motivation to return to this soon, it seems very “zen” to focus on those details and be so creative 🙂

  4. I have to tell you, I did not know this about you! Just Hollow-Weenie stuff, or should Santa keep an eye out for other paintables?

    • Really? Well, I guess I only have my stuff out at Halloween and Christmas (I have a few fat Santas). Hard to find anything that isn’t nauseatingly cute! I suppose I’d paint anything that you thought was cool!

  5. Happy 3rd anniversary! These are awesome… Bloody love halloween. You’ve shamed me into a trip to the attic tonight to take down the (non handpainted) decorations!

  6. You are good at it!! The skull stack is my favorite, the shadows are impressive! I like that pumpkin bowl on the last one too, must make for an awesome center piece on the table for when you bring guests for dinner! I suppose you did cats too?

  7. I love these! I was never quite good at things like this, always getting so impatient and messing it up. These look like you’d find them fresh off a shelf! I bet they’re a lot of fun to make, too!

    Yay, art!

    Can’t wait to see more!

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