Roses for Mama


I bought myself a new rosebush recently – a peace rose. We had one in Florida, at the house where I did most of my growing up. Mom loved it. She wasn’t much of a gardener: the rose didn’t get a lot of attention and bloomed rarely. But when it did, she was ecstatic. I remember. I will never forget.

The 17th anniversary of my mother’s death is September 1. That year, 1997, it was also the Labor Day holiday – which meant exactly nothing to me at the time but makes it worse for me when they coincide again.

This post is for you, mom. I know you’d be thrilled with all of my beautiful flowers. But these roses are just for you, and I will think of you and smile with every new bloom.





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  1. Peace roses remind me of my dad. He had several bushes planted here when I was a kid. My mom was not thrilled at the amount of work they required in our growing zone, so they eventually came out. But those were his favorites. He passed a few years ago.


    • Yes. She was that kind of woman too – used to say she’d enjoy working the cash register in the grocery store because she’d get to have a laugh with so many people. Never any thought of how terrible people are – just…peaceful.

  2. Wow. Utterly glorious. And what a coincidence — my dear father died on September 1st too. In the year 2000. Hugs to us both. What a wonderful memorial this post is. Thank you so very much for it.

      • Ahhh dear Spidey . . . . this pain in the heart, I take it as a measure of how much we love them . . . . I always think of my dad when the redbuds bloom. They are so stupendous here in AR, and he was a patron saint of the redbud — but in Michigan, where redbuds do not do well. He nursed one for years, only the tiniest little straggly buds — where, here, they positively foam with magnificence. So of course redbuds bloom in the early spring, not now – but fortunately, right around his birthday. So I remember him that way then. Thank you so, so much for bringing back this memory. Let me dig up a post from that time of year. But do keep in mind that the photo is absolutely no indication of how beautiful these darling trees really are – they plant nitrogen in the soil, they have some weird kind of bean thingy they produce. They are positively neon pink. Did you have them in FL? I somehow think not? Here’s a link:

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  4. bless you and your mom… i love the peace rose and it’s my favorite rose as well, tho it is one difficult lady! your photos do it justice! i’ve been going to capture mine and just might go do it now. 🙂

    • I just love the iPhone camera – as evidenced by my little contest, no one could tell which day’s pictures were with the good camera!

      I love my lavender rose best, for me – but the peace rose has much more meaning.

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