Tigridia Tuesday – Week 4


They are stilllllll blooooming.

I’ve even bored myself by posting so many damn pics of them once a week. I am done!

About heretherebespiders

Immigrant American living in Ireland. Sarcastic, decrepit. Loads of interests: reading, plants, pets, food, art, writing, drinking, space, politics, feminism, quantum theory. Not 'girly' and not interested in being so.

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  1. What? But some of us don’t have room for flowers! How i can I live my vicarious gardening dreams through you then??

  2. Wondered how long it would take…..of course now that you have abandoned your scrutiny, they will do something remarkable – like reveal they are space aliens or something – and you could have been first to know, become famous and wealthy from that… but no. Life’s opportunities. You never know….

  3. What do you mean you’ve bored yourself posting pix of flowers? You bring beauty and growth to our blogosphere! 🙂

Thoughts? Gardening tips? Cocktail recipes? Don't just like and leave, please - I can talk for Ireland and would love to prove it!

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