Day One of my Staycation


Ghastly word, “staycation,” isn’t it?

But still. I have the week off and unless the weather turns fan-fucking-tasctic, I’ll be mostly cleaning and sorting out my messy-ass house.

Today: took a shower. Sad that I have to put that there, but I hate them. It’s an achievement like the rest.

Cleaned the poop from the cat boxes and picked the dog poop out of the yard.

Found the smelly thing in the fridge and gagged twice before taking it outside. Finally! It’s been driving me crazy, that stank. Cleaned the whole fridge on Saturday and missed the rotten chicken somehow.

Went through my underwear/sock drawer and tossed a bunch of stuff. Didn’t toss it very far. Into the rag pile, because I can’t throw anything away. But I have a fun and thrifty and generous idea of what to do with the rags, so it’s all good.

Cleared and cleaned the top of my dresser. Damn but that took a long time. Soooo dusty and cluttered.

Vacuumed the bedroom, and mopped most of it. Didn’t get into the piles of crap on my side of the bed – because said piles aren’t of my crap. How many computers need to live in the bedroom!?!?

Cleared out the bathroom in preparation to wash the dog. She’s shedding again so it will be a furry mess when I get around to bathing her. Vacuumed and mopped, too – figured I might as well only have her wads of hair to clean up (rather than hers, mine, two cats’ worth, and of course hubby with the long golden locks).

Piled up more crap on the upstairs landing for sorting later.

Took pictures of today’s tigridia blooms. Killed the caterpillars on my now three? four? year old purple sprouting broccoli plant.

Vacced and mopped the stairs, piling even more crap onto the landing that was ‘meant to go up’ but never quite made it.

Cleared and vacced and mopped the entryway and hallway – and discovered a disgusting nest of clothes-eating moths. Seriously, pupae cases and caterpillar poop and all. Put every last scarf and glove into the wash. Sterilised the weird wooden thing we keep all the scarves and gloves in and put it outside to dry. Recycled old phone books, unwrapped new ones. Ignored the pile of crap on top of the bookcase that still needs sorted, but at least the front door opens all the way now.

Scrubbed the icky floor mat that sits inside the front door. Ewwwwww. That took ages, too.

Laundry was done but a glove sprung a thread-leak and turned the whole load into a massive tangle which had to be unknotted and then put on another spin – the knot made the load uneven and everything was still sopping wet. Hung it out on the line to be smoked by hubby’s BBQ later on. Meh, it might have helped.

Gave up on getting anything more done, and quickly (and badly) vacuumed the living room and kitchen to get the tumble-dogs off the floor.

Cracked a beer and sat down to relax before doing the dishes and bringing in the laundry off the line, and *sniff* – realised that I forgot to put on deodorant after my shower.

Ah well, I’ll probably need another shower after washing the dog anyway.

The boys were NO HELP AT ALL.

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  1. “How many computers need to live in the bedroom!?!?”
    Glad I am not the only one with this issues. AT present, there are three hard drives in towers in my kitchen!!!! A monitor… and there was a printer until yesterday when he FINALLY chucked it.
    Love that pic of the kittehs tho! 😉

  2. Worst holiday ever!!! We’re off for 2 weeks from next Monday and there will be tears if the summer doesn’t return! I don’t think I could handle spending 2 weeks being a domestic goddess…

    • It’s only a week – and my house is a kip. Plus we will be having a few folks over for a triple birthday celebration BBQ, so I’ll feel better if it isn’t so damn cluttered and dusty and furry!

    • It’s only a week – and my house is a kip. Plus we will be having a few folks over for a triple birthday celebration BBQ, so I’ll feel better if it isn’t so damn cluttered and dusty and furry! I’ve not gone anywhere on holiday in years and years, so it’s not too hard on me.

      • Funny that the only time the house gets cleaned is when we’re having people over. If we didn’t have guests we’d be living in total squalor! Enjoy the birthday celebrations!

            • I washed the dog today. Granted, she’s at least three beagles if not four in size, and long haired with a double coat she loses twice a year (once being NOW). Now my house smells of dog washed with tressame and Johnsons baby shampoo (for her face, no more tears they say, right?). Can’t say she’d be much help on cleaning the place, unless all that white fur turns grey before I get around to the living room and kitchen. Blah.

            • Unfortunately our two hunting beagles have a nasty tendency to roll in dead things which they think helps mask their scent and which necessitates slightly more frequent washes!

            • Alas no, baths all the way. But to be fair j mac usually does the honours! Except that one time Delaney tolled in dead rat and I ended up using our posh Molton brown shower gel just to get rid of the smell of death. Never has a dog smelled so expensive!!

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