Facebook Thinks I’m Into “Woo”.


Facebook suggests Pages You Might Like. More often than not, they have no friggin’ clue what I like!

Really? Orbs? Really? Because I take a lot of pictures, like everyone else on FB? I can’t think of any other reason they think I’d be fascinated by a group that believes photographic anomalies equals … well, whatever they think! Spirits, ghosts, souls, aliens…? I’d be more likely to believe these photos are capturing the remnants of a fart than anything paranormal.

Oh now, so many many more members! These must be the folks that have it all figured out, for sure! I’ll jump right on that.

I can only think my tirades against the anti-vaxers and my distaste for what the Church has been up to recently (800 dead kids found in an old septic tank, anyone?) links me somehow to those people who believe the rubbish they hear ‘from a friend of a friend’ over proper scientific studies.

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  1. The idea of a fart being recorded on film recalls the old “Catch that and paint it green” joke.

    I read about the exhumation of all those juvenile remains. Can’t beat a religious order for a good atrocity.

    • There would be some people surrounded by green globs if it were possible to see a fart! I’d know whom to avoid, too. I like it.

      Yep. We all knew about the Magdalene Laundries, but to starve kids to death because the nuns couldn’t get £25 for them? Wow.

    • Yes, it is horrible, and I chose a US source which didn’t tell the entire truth: no one is ‘investigating.’ At least I can use FB to promote the petition to make the guards DO something.

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