Tulips are Better than None


Two autumns ago, I made a half-hearted attempt to move my tulips into containers, as they get no sun where they are and rarely bloom. I missed a ton of bulbs, and never finished the job. Also, my husband’s gardening uncle tried to throw cold water on my tulip-growing efforts by telling me that they wouldn’t come back more than twice, so we’d wasted our efforts even planting them at all.


We both were wrong.

I started digging up at this end of the row – for sure I thought I’d moved these. Nope.

How wonderful! A lovely surprise, strong and healthy, in a dark space along a very dark wall at this time of year.

Plants are amazing. I can’t even kill them when I want to!

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  1. Isn’t it cool to ignore people and run your own experiments? My only regret was to ever mention publicly about my temperate (cold) water aquarium, as people tried to get me out of it. Well, it worked. I like to make my own experiments and see what results I get. I like to stay out of what others have already tried. There, you have your results 🙂

  2. I have Tulips that are still coming back after twenty years. I know because I’ve never planted any more since I moved in. (Way too much effort.)

    • It was a lot of work! We found out our dirt was mostly crappy builder’s rubbish, and then did purple, purple and white, staggered. Then I dug it all up not knowing what was what, but trying to keep the bulblets together… And the animals wrecked it all by knocking my collection all over the floor!

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