Spring on my Step


I’m sick – again – this time with a stomach bug one of my co-workers brought in last week, courtesy of his daughter. Fine one second, using the bathroom in all kinds of noisy ways the next. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I can barf into the sink while still sitting on the toilet…never thought there would be a bonus to a tiny bathroom but there you are.

So. I’ve been sitting on these pics for a few weeks. The daffs are in full bloom now, but they looked this this not so long ago:

And a close up:

The black lilies are ahead of the pack – they are really shouting for joy at the sunlight and warmer temps.

The ones out front don’t get as much sun, so they aren’t as large. My beloved tigridia isn’t doing a thing – I’m wondering if it even comes back. I had a gentle dig and the roots aren’t rotten, but also not showing signs of life. Damn. Ah, it’s hopefully okay – I have hundreds of seeds that I saved and they are coming up!


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  1. Every time my husband walks into a conversation I’m having with another woman (a friend, his mom even…) he dies a little inside because he thinks we women actively partake in TMI. I completely disagree. And I hope you feel better soon!

    I’ve never even heard of black lilies… they are beautiful! Please keep me posted if you can on their progress! My apartment kills plants, so if I can keep my 2 succulents and 2 air plants alive I’ll try to upgrade in a month. Until then I’m missing pretty green things. 🙂

      • I love it. I was explaining today my theory about how it’s tahini that makes my tummy do weird and wonderful things when I have a falafel sandwich with extra hummus and extra hot sauce, and I heard him die a little again on the phone. We’re apparently not supposed to have digestive systems!

  2. Ugh my sympathies. I got the cafeteria crud in my first year at college and threw up into my boyfriend’s sink — he had a room to himself at that point having lost a roommate, very convenient. The sink had a T-join with the sink next door before it reached the U-bend. Which backed up and the sink in the adjoining room began to… well, barf. It was fairly mortifying. So be careful with that. Flush well with running water. There, I have thrown down the TMI gauntlet.

    I have daffs too!!! Opened out gorgeously the last two days. But it’s swampy wet today and I can’t take good pictures.

    • Hey, if I really wanted to go TMI I’d talk about why I couldn’t move from the toilet to barf! Joyyyy to the world… That is a pretty horrible experience, especially as I can assume the next room over knocked on the door to point it out. Yay.

      My daffs were all donated by my neighbours, I’d never have bought them. But they are rather nice, despite me not being a big fan of yellow. Soggy as hell here too – I took the day off but it was 8 minutes of sun followed by 15 minutes of rain, alllll daaaay.

  3. Our variant is “delhi belly” even if one is in Bombay (Mumbai) or Madras (Chennai)! Get well soon but lovely to have flowers peaking out to say hello. I may not miss winter but I do miss that joy when spring comes and one can finally say farewell to the cold!

  4. Ugh. Get better soon. And then go back to work and smack that coworker upside his head. Spring is here, too. Fortunately, I feel okay. Bring on the allergies, Mutha Nature!

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