Ooh, Socks Did it Again!


One of the main themes I had when I first started this blog back in October 2012 was to follow my best friend’s journey into becoming a parent. I posted almost-weekly for nearly the entire pregnancy, as it was as much a learning experience for her as it was for me. It was great fun to have our weekly phone call (still being done) and get the update on where baby Button (now quite the little character) was in her gestational progress.

I introduce Socks here, and further explain our fantastic friendship here. If you would like to read the whole saga – it is pretty funny at times! – the link to every Socks post is here. Might be a few random posts about “actual” socks in there too, sorry!

Okay background is covered! New news! Socks and Bear have been making another new family member for the last 42 weeks. 42? Did I say 42 when a human gestational period is 40 weeks? Yes, yes I did. She went over time, and over over time… and FINALLY the docs said, ‘durr, yes, we have room at the inn.’

Believe me, Socks was not happy, not happy at all to have things delayed so long! She was scheduled to go in, being pretty much ready to go for over a week (just not having contractions yet) and it seems that everyone else decided to jump the queue ahead of her! She was due the 13th March. I had been joking since she told me she was pregnant that her child would be a Paddy’s Day baby, but thinking the whole time she’d be sooner. When she started to show signs of being ready, I was hoping for 6th March, as it coincides with the birthday of a loved one of mine (pretty apt as Socks’ daughter has exactly the same birthday as my only niece).

But no. The 6th passed, the 13th went by, the 17th was green (for me) but not a green light for them. Since then, it’s just been a drawn out waiting game.

The boy didn’t want to come out! Oh, didn’t I say? It’s a boy this time! He already seems to love his momma, as 42 weeks is a loooong time to hang around.

But! No more. Socks now has a son! Born yesterday at 7:52 pm, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz (3.74 kilos) and over 20 inches long (52cm)! Not an ouch to be had on Mom’s part, either – three pushes and hello, son!

Congratulations to Socks and Bear and Button on the new member of their warm family. He’s a lucky guy to be a part of it!

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  1. Excellent! After going so long no wonder he was so big. I had both of mine early but even then, I was more than ready to be done with the pregnancy–those last few weeks are just miserable. All I could think about was “Please, let this be over with”. Of course I was also thinking, “Please let him/her be healthy”. I’m glad Socks and baby are doing well.

    • Oh, she was at 4cm dilated for weeks! And just stuck there. Not been able to move without felling like a bathroom visit was immanent for a few months, almost! Poor dear. I will leave this very hard work to you that are good at it!

    • I do! I always try to get Button on the phone during our weekly call, but sometimes she is more into other things! I’m happy to be Auntie E for as many lovely kids as my friends want to share with me 🙂

      • lol I never meant “big” as in… well…. I meant, a human as compared to a cat is big!

        I once saw a documentary in which they explored the reasons why giving birth have become to difficult for humans. Monkeys/apes and most animals can give birth without any assistance. It is dubious that humans historically had it hard like it is now for most women. In the past, giving birth was probably not something that lasted for hours. They studied the Inuits which normally give birth easily and quickly (not saying without pain, but apparently much easier than most women in the rest of the world). The documentary didn’t pinpoint any specific reasons, but assumed there must be something we do or eat much differently than we did before. (That was several years ago, there might be studies with interesting results by now.)

        • My immediate assumption is better diet means bigger humans – but not necessarily bigger hip bones or pelvic gaps. I would always say it lasted for hours, especially a first birth. Socks had medication that made her have contractions, finally, after being two weeks at the point a lot of women would have gone into labour anyway. Sure, she could have waited for nature to get it’s butt in gear, but in 2014 she didn’t have to wait. Childbirth was the leading cause of death in women until modern healthcare – so I think that assistance is a wonderful thing. Actually she was in pre-labour for weeks! That should count toward the hours, too. Braxton-Hicks contractions are still awful, even if they don’t DO anything constructive.

  2. Hi everyone! Socks here. You all are so very sweet and I’d like to give you all a virtual hug especially Spider whom I love and adore more than words.

    Yep, those last two weeks were MISERABLE! I remember laying down in bed at the end of one day with tears just streaming down my cheeks telling Bear “I can’t wait for this to be over despite the fact I know that means a whole new hell will begin” I was referring to the sleepless nights with a newborn etc. but you have a beautiful baby after all of it.

    Yes it seems my body doesn’t go into labor on its own but once I get kick started pushing out those little bundles is my super power. I’ve been warned not to tell my “3sets of pushes” story to too many women 😉

    It’s been a week now since coming home and my little man is a doll and is gaining weight well despite the fact that breast feeding isn’t easy for me due to some anatomical issues on my end but my little man is a trooper and hanging in there. My mother is here helping me and my days are filled with all things baby, trying to finish a creative project for a friend and of course spending some “girl time” with my precious 21mth old daughter whom I adore. I don’t want her to think I’ve just moved on to a newer version.

    Again. I love you guys. Thanks for all the kind words and thanks Spider for living me and my family! Someday you’ll be back on US soil and we can have one GIANT group hug!

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