Walkies in the Bog with the Dog


It was a lovely sunny day today, and resolved not to spend all of it flopped on the couch eating chocolate. So, I took Neko for a good long walk.

Our path to the disused railroad tracks, and the bog.

Some curious locals.

Such a lovely day.

I took Neko off the lead: she is very good and always stays behind me. Until I turned around to go back and suddenly she found herself playing at pack leader. I didn’t let that go on for long.

Gorse in bloom, at the end of December. Go figure.

Beautiful colours in the dead bracken.

A beautiful mess of a stone wall, dead trees and a little bridge in the distance.

More curious locals – they look like twins! Same white cowlick (sorry, I had to say it). They didn’t care about me, just Neko.

The sun is so low on the horizon this time of year. This was about 3:30 or so.

Hurry up, Neko! No, you can’t go in the field with the cows. Trust me on this one.

She’s not as innocent as she looks!

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    • Hahhahh! She was surprisingly clean when we got home! Just some spatters. Being an Akita, she’ll clean her lovely white legs like a cat, too. Once daddy is back from shopping and she can relax again, of course.

  1. What a beautiful place…I do love a cow..however the Gorse..arggggghhhh it’s our damn nemesis here…trying to get rid of it..we can’t burn off now restrictions are in and ours is starting to come back too..mongrel of a thing…nothing like a prickle in the boot to drive a woman berserk hahaahahah hope your New Year is fab!! didn’t get round to the Deth nog but I shall……hugs Fozziemum xxx

  2. Don’t trust the cows! They are the same world wide.
    Oddly these pictures look very much like winter in East Texas – sigh. Not there this year, but we have some odd little yellow wild flowers perking up the landscape, too.
    Hope the new year brings much laughter and many adventures!

  3. Neko’s an akida, right? I met an amazingly sweet and smart akida seeing eye dog a few weeks ago at a holiday party. I didn’t know they could be seeing eye dogs! I’ve only ever seen labs.

    • Yes, she’s an American Akita – the Japanese ones will never have a black muzzle. They were police dogs and babysitters in ancient times (the Japanese ones). Ours is a bit dumb, but I prefer slightly dumb dogs: less damage from boredom! Not that you’d know anything at ALL about that! Hehhe

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