Dinner and a conversation


Hubby has his Internet radio show every Thursday. It’s from 8 to 10 our time, and then he has some bits n pieces to finish off afterward, so we don’t get to eat until rather late.

Last night I decided I had the time to pick some fresh herbs to put on the pork roast, and he decided he had the time to chop them for me (I dislike chopping them, not sure why as the smell is amazing). I brought in oregano, basil, rosemary, and thyme, and added two garlic cloves that were also home-grown. I always pick too much! The pork was nearly crusted in greenery (I also add salt and black pepper, can’t grow them).

I got ambitious then, knowing that we’d have more good green stuff than necessary, and I decided I also had time to make a salad. We’ve not had one in ages, as hubby never seems interested when I say I want one.

I didn’t use the rocket (arugula) I grew, as it has gone all tough and leggy and seedy. And I forgot I had it. So, boring old iceberg lettuce from the supermarket. With my only four ripe cherry tomatoes – one the size of my pinky fingernail – and a sliced carrot from the Stupid Girl raised bed. That carrot was so damn tasty and sweet! For the dressing I added a bit of dried chopped garlic and my leftover cut herbs into a bit of white wine vinegar and let it sit. I didn’t need to add the fresh herbs; the point of putting anything in the vinegar is to rehydrate a dried spice – so if you don’t have fresh spices, toss everything in the vinegar, whatever is to hand. I don’t measure, sorry – eyeball it! I decided this time to add the fresh ones as the cutting board was hogging all my counter space.

The pork cooks for about 2 hours… when the meat is done I let it sit on a plate, and add water (or sometimes flat Pepsi) to the pan and swish it about to turn the yummy caramelisation flavour into a bit of jus. I add olive oil to the vinegar and swish that about a lot too, before pouring over the veggies. Simple and tasty!

Hubby likes to rate our meals out of 10. Usually he just rates his own cooking, the little egotist. I asked him for his rating of my dinner this time, as he kept saying how great it was.

“The salad is a 9.5! But, it was so good that the meat got lost. So the meat is only an 8. I give the overall meal an 8.”

“Wait, what? How do I get downgraded from a 9.5 and an 8 to an overall 8? Did you forget how averages work?”

“I’m sticking with an 8. The salad overshadowed the meat, sorry.”

A disappointing result. So much for not showing interest in my salads, eh?

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  1. Please tell DJ iHubby that I’ve been listening to his latest podcast. Listened the first hour yesterday and now listening to the second half. I wasn’t sure at first when I saw the line up, but only because I knew very few of those names. It’s very different from what I’m used to, but so far I think I’m likely to listen to it weekly. He really knows what music is, not like those electrofake songs that “hit radios” play all day, and that the younger people seem to be so eager of. After my Ritchie Valens’ post, I contemplated the idea of posting something on some other singers/bands I like, but I always fail to convince myself I could do good. I know a thing or two in music, but really I feel I know nothing about it.

    1:33 has to be Moby.. is it Moby? 🙂

      • Yes, but since I knew very few of these songs, it was hard to tell where I was into the list. I ended up counting backward from ZZ Top (one I knew) and confirmed it was Moby.

          • Moby is somewhat off, in comparison to the rest of the list, so I can understand a less favorable rating. But interestingly, it’s closer to what I’m used to.

            Since I call you “my Irish friend” when mentioning anything about you in a conversation, I can only imagine how you refer to me. So please, pretty please, make sure it doesn’t cross his mind to play some Céline Dion to “please” me. I’m stuck with that, whatever I do. “Oh you’re from Québec? I love Céline Dion” “Yeah, go Fu** You*****!”

            • Bollocks to her! I asked himself what he would play for a Canadian, and he said he’d play The New Pornographers. I used to sort of look like Celine but since I can’t afford plastic surgery, she’s pulled ahead. Not that I would, anyway.

              I also said ‘no Rush.’ Even tho I rather like them – not enough to purchase but enough to sing along – they were very popular in the American south…

            • huh? The last time I thought Céline look good when was she was 16 (I was too young to really judge back then). I once saw her posing in a bikini on a magazine. I thought it was an elder from a poor country before I read the title. Bones and skin, and nothing else. I don’t think I found peaceful sleep for weeks. Is that what you looked like? Your beauty improved over the years, I tell you!!

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