Ginormous lilies


I again have new blooms to share! These are more lilies of the Aldi set, and they took the longest to mature. Now that I see what they were working on, I understand why the long wait.

Last weekend, when I thought that one petal peeling off from the bottom of the bud meant they were close to blooming.

Wednesday, when I saw that they weren’t ready yet, and needed to change colour a bit more first.

Thursday, when those same two flower buds had gotten so huge I needed something to show scale – my big calloused man-hand will do…

…but those two didn’t compare to this bud. It was near to bursting with promises of beauty.

It hasn’t disappointed!

Same angle, sorry – but first pic was Friday and second was today.

Something better than my hand for scale. I promise I was nearly touching the petals with the measuring tape when hubby took this picture. Over 8 inches across, or around 21cm! Quite wonderful to have outside my front door.

Nearly forgot – early edit – this is one of the smaller ones that has also opened. I shouldn’t play favourites!

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