The Secret Life of Cats


My friend over at Cats N Co did a post today about a show we watched when it was broadcast: The Secret Life of Cats, on the BBC (Dianda gave a link to the youtube vid, please visit her via the link if you would like to see it).

While we keep our boys indoors, we understand this is a rarity in England and Ireland. The programme was mostly focused on what cats do when out of doors and no human is watching. Indoor cat movement tracking and neck-cams would really be boring, in any case.

I did find it fascinating. So did my boys.

I can clearly see the personality difference in them – Lokii is interested, but Spot looks like he’s about to jump off the couch and beat up the kitties on the telly.

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  1. Whatever you think about indoor/outdoor cats – it was absolutely fascinating to see the distance each cat travelled and it was easy to see where there were many cats and where there were fewer.

    • Totally agree – and I was interested to learn it wasn’t necessarily only tomcats who wanted to roam and have a large territory. Maybe it’s another reason I’ve always loved cats best – even the ‘girls’ are bad-ass 🙂

        • Hahahah! One of my favourite memories is our slight-bodied Siamese, Bambi (we did NOT name her!) chasing a stray German Shepherd out of our front yard. She was incredible. I’ll never forget seeing her charge down the driveway and the dog running like all the devils of hell were after him!

  2. 🙂 You are all so synchronized. If I took a pic like that of me and the dog, she’d be looking elsewhere. And your bookshelf is exactly how one should be, racked with books and the necessaries like Doctor Who collectibles. Nice to see you relaxed and enjoying your down time!

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