Strollin’ through the town today


Yesterday morn I took the dogeen for a walk, and I saw a lot of things that made me think about where I live as seen through a stranger’s eyes. It was a positive experience – but as walking the dog isn’t conducive to taking photos, I didn’t break out the iPhone.

So this morning, I took a walk without her – but I didn’t get to see all the same things as my walk was shorter. Sorry!

One of the very first places I come to is the church. They are painting it. Yesterday was what they could reach with a long roller, but today the heavy machinery was involved.

After the church I hit the main drag. The sun was playing peek-a-boo.

It looks so colourful like this. It’s a terrible shame that at least 1/3 of the buildings you see are empty. Some for the entire 8 years I’ve lived here, and longer.

An example – a business that has come and gone again since I’ve lived here. They sold ink. The pile of unread post inside the door is astounding, and that terrible white-wash window covering didn’t last even a few months.

Another empty business – but this one (unoccupied since well before I moved here) used to be rotting and quite the eyesore. This year they cleaned it up and put up fake window stickers to make it look like it is operational. Fair play to the for that (click and zoom in to see the fake rows of goods).

We still have a phone booth! There used to be three, but a couple of years ago they took the other two out. I have no idea what it costs for a local call – I’m afraid that it smells of urine in there. Probably not, but some things you are better off not knowing.

Another shot of Main Street, heading back home now. You could almost see the church again in the far distance on the left. Almost!

Someone’s well cool door knocker. I’m also looking for things to paint – so this one is hopefully a goer.

The former bell at the church – hubby is quite happy to tell how he “helped” get it down, back in the day. It’s all programmed bong bong bongs now, which we can hear from our house quite easily. I want to try to paint this, too.

Of course, I had a very, very, disappointed dog waiting for me when I got home. Funny now she looks like an orang-utan, isn’t it? And hey! There’s me taking the pic!

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  1. Really enjoyed seeing your small town main street. Shame about the empty storefronts… sad….

    And certainly enjoyed seeing you in the pic, too!

    Looking forward to hearing about your painting… at first I thought you meant guerrilla action upon doorknockers and bells in the village! >:-D

  2. I’ve been wanting to see where you live for some time but never actually asked. I should have! These are boffo pictures, and even in a depressed state the main street is beautiful to me — saturated as I am with the sight of plasticky McCrap-lined thoroughfares. I’ve never seen anything like a “faux open shop window.” That ought to catch on more places.

    • It’s perfect for that shop, particularly. The ads in the window are old-fashioned, too, with pricing in the Irish Punt, even. Not much McCrap here – I have to drive about 40 minutes for McDonalds. I’m clearly not upset about that. Actually the only chain shops I can think of are the Supervalu and Centra groceries, and the Ladbrooke’s bookie.

  3. Those streets are as empty as many of the villages i know from my childhood in south west Scotland. The difference is the colours. Yours are vibrant (at least when the sun shines!) but my memories are of dark stone and black & white. Same wonderful wide streets – triple parking must be a thing with you too!

  4. That’s a gorgeous area of the world. Love the main street pics. Is the area as quiet as it seems to be?

    • Yeah, I tried not to focus on the depressing. But you can see all the for sale signs, and quite a lot of houses/businesses that are empty didn’t even bother. Neko got her walk later, and I had company over which is always exciting for her!

  5. Congratulations, you just learned how to prepare a tourism brochure. Show up the nice spots, and make it look like these nice spots are everywhere. I love looking at tourism material, but I wouldn’t mind visiting these places. Why would I? I’ve already seen all the nice spots.

    Your town really looks good from these pictures. These colorful buildings, even if empty, make it look fun to take a walk there.

    What is it with people parking in any direction on any side of the streets? Shouldn’t you park in the direction you were driving, on the side of the road which you are driving?

    I always wondered why they wrote anything on these bells, as they are installed where it is unlikely anyone will be able to read. Do they think, son, when this church goes down, this bell will be put near the street, so everyone will be able to read… see son, plan ahead and you’ll get rich.

    Your phone boots look nice and modern. Ours look the 80s. I don’t think they upgraded them since the 80s anyway. The other day, I was surprised there were keys on it, I expected a wheel! They sure don’t get nice doors, it’s like two flaps, and since the cabins are compact the flaps seems to always push you further in.

    • They park wherever and however they want around here. Locals call it ‘abandoning’ the car. It’s not fun to drive thru my town! Sure it’s only parked for a few minutes anyway!

      The best part of walking here is to have a local guide! SO many stories. Ghosts, beatings, fires, and the history of nearly every house/shop. There’s also an old ‘fairy fort’ which is nothing to see, but it’s probably the site of the first settlement here.

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  8. Other people’s towns are always far more interesting than our own. Wasilla’s Main street has… 3 old cabins on it I think. They are still pretty cool though. I try to look at the place I live as if I’ve never been here and I find it’s much more lovely that way. Although the mountains I never have that issue with, they are always beautiful.

    I want to visit, I really really really do. Maybe now that we have a couple more airlines here we can travel more, maybe.

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