You, yes – YOU, you very sick person!

Never, ever, ever come back here.


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    • Okay now I think I’m even MORE creeped out. Do you think that looking for pics of dead cats on the ‘net might be the new introduction to killing cats, leading to killing people? Ooooooooo, there’s a whole novel lurking in that idea.

  1. What troubles me the most is not that someone was looking for such creepy pictures, it’s the fact that Google thought that your blog was going to give that user what he wanted.

    • I’m sure I’ve used every one of those words in one post! So I can’t blame autobot google. I’m more interested in that today, someone googled ‘can humans digest human blood’ and yet? No corresponding click to my post about the topic. Weird.

      • Perhaps they were brought to your front page (which is all of your posts) or to an archive page? Just some random guess, I don’t know.

        I think the WP stats page is quite light when compared with the software we have when we manage an actual website. The software I used to have could tell me what keyword brought who to what page. WP stats page leaves a lot of mystery.

        • I do wish I had more. I have a sketchy character from my past and I’d just appreciate knowing if this individual was looking at my site now and again. I’m sure it’s happening, but I think I’d feel better if I knew for sure…

          • If that’s the case, that person is probably not typing random keywords on Google and hope your blog will show up. He bookmarked it and just follow is bookmark.

            But then, one creepy person reading your blog cannot be this bad. As long as he doesn’t try to contact you. Isn’t it?

            Post a picture of yourself naked, you’ll know for sure 😛

            • Ah, no. I had a comment by the person in question – lucky I moderate. I think I might have diffused the situation, as it really wasn’t reciprocated on my side. But I would still like to know if I’m being ‘monitored.’ It kinda creeps me out.

        • And – I don’t know if I can change that? For instance, some blogs I follow I get the WHOLE THING in an email when a new post is published. Others, it’s a short clip and I have to decide if I want to click and read it. I think my stats would be higher if I had the second version…

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