I’d love to know…


who you are, March 21 visitor. Thank you for reading!


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  1. It wasn’t me. I didn’t read 100 of your posts in a single day!!

    I noticed a few other people reported something similar recently. Of those I follow, two have reported something similar somewhere, I couldn’t remember who they were though. Maybe you were one of those, if you mentioned in a comment or something. I googled to see if there had been any known issue recently and I couldn’t find anything interesting.

    How many posts do you have? If I used some software to copy your entire blog, could that make that many views?

  2. Prolly weren’t me… !

    Remember that day (Jan 14) I had 937 visitors? Recently, the number updated to 938!! What is that?! What, they found someone hiding in a cupboard–hey, you there, Jan 14 is over, come on out!

    • Nah, I think I know who it was, now – they didn’t admit it but I have a guess!
      Unless it WAS that jackass I used to know who did find me here, somehow. That one is probably just skulkingly annoyed that I don’t care enough to talk about them 🙂 Awww, my pity overfloweth!

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