Dog’s Day Out


And now, for something completely different. I promised A Silver Voice a dog-related post.

Hubby and I took the dogeen on a rare car trip a few weeks ago. I took a load of pictures, and have saved a huge number for posting when the elusive round tuit appears in my pocket.

These are the ones of Neko – there’s only a few.

Her in the car – she looks goofy with her ears flat like that, but it’s because she’s a big dog in a small car and she refuses to lie down in the car! Yeah, it’s blurry. You try taking shots over your shoulder of a standing dog in a moving vehicle that’s bouncing down Irish roads.

Even goofier. Actually, to me she looks like she’s about to barf down the back of my neck. She doesn’t get carsick. Anymore.
Not since she got that halo.

Her in a thingie, in a place.

Her in a thingie in a place, looking at ‘daddy’ and wondering why she has to stand there and be good and can’t go running off to some other place with thingies she hasn’t smelled yet.

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  1. Neko is so beautiful…they never want to sit down in the car…after all they have to help keep an eye on the road even if they don’t know exactly what the destination is. You have much more interesting places to wander than we have (and fewer mosquitoes and gnats no doubt)
    Bark on!

    • No mosquitoes at all! And this time of year, nothing else that bites, either. She doesn’t get out in the car that often mostly because of the ever-present MUD. One good shake in the Mini and it’s hours of cleaning! Not to mention what those lovely white legs would look like afterward – it’s Ireland, it’s boggy, bogs are full of tannins = yellow legs! The breed is funny in that they will clean themselves like a cat, but you can’t get out 10,000 year old tea-stains!

    • Well, she is a dog named ‘cat,’ even if my Japanese pronunciation is all wrong! She’s all dozy at the moment – finally had her fixed! Yes, fixed – she was definitely broken. Girl dogs in heat are horrifyingly bloody. So glad she won’t have to wear old boxers anymore!

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