Laugh until you go limp


So, the last price hike on my pack-o-fags seems to have gone into new packaging standards! I feel so much better now that my money is going toward things like this:

Is this meant to make smokers laugh until they cough up a lung? Your head to droop in shame so you burn your shirt? Is your addiction meant to dangle uselessly at the sight, and the cravings wither away?

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  1. LOL This one is very similar to one we had in a previous campaign over a decade ago.

    These didn’t have any effect after a while, so they went for a new campaign. The current one shows a person dying of cancer. And that’s the less disgusting image of the campaign. Enjoy the pictures while they are still funny!

    • I think some of my coffee-toothpaste spit in the sink would be more effective. Or the yellow-brown colour of paper towels when I cleaned the inside windows at my parents’ house. That was damn gross. Not that I care, obviously.

    • The pack for decreased sperm count is not nearly so creative, sadly.
      We had dark wood panelling in my childhood home so no one ever thought to clean it. Until I did, once. Barfola. It was way worse than the windows – and I was pretty much the only one who cleaned them. Dad’s going to email me and argue, but dammit I DID. Those front windows were a pain in the ass.

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