On being a bad housekeeper, definitely


Hubby’s closing in fast on one of those birthdays that ends in a zero. He’s got over a month to go, but he’s already been shopping for his desired big present. Actually, we already bought it on Sunday. I don’t even want to know how much research he put into this, but he is a very very good technology shopper and looks at reviews, energy consumption, warrantee, and pricing (in at least three countries). This is why he gets to buy his own prezzie. I’m just the one who says if it looks pretty or not. Yes, I’m nothing but a pair of educated and opinionated eyeballs – especially when we’re talking about a new TV.

I wasn’t going to say what we bought – I sure didn’t announce it in Facebook – because it’s kinda dumb to announce to the world you got some new stuff ripe for the stealin’. But I don’t think any of you are so hard up as to drive or fly over here, try to find my house, and then brave the dog just to take a telly you could probably get cheaper where you live. And trust me, with the amount of time it would take to unhook the umpteen things connected to the TV, the dog would have made good progress on removing bits of valuable anatomy. It wasn’t expensive (we are cheap and broke), it’s not huge, or even the newest model or anything, so it’s not worth it. Really. Disclaimer/discouragement ends.

I had one stipulation: that as we removed the old TV, we cleaned the hell out of the components and the corner the whole shebang sits in. This had not been done in the almost eight years we’ve lived here. It was well, well past time. I’m hairy, iDJ is hairy, and over the 8 years the animals have gone like this: 1 cat, 1 big dog; then 2 cats, 1 big dog; then just the 2 cats. Currently, 2 cats, one big dog. And both big dogs would blow their entire thick hairy coats twice a year, yay! So. Bound to be a fur-fest back there, despite my semi-monthly attempts to stick the vacuum hose behind there. Very half-hearted semi-monthly attempts. Probably bi-monthly. Maybe bi-annually. It wasn’t high on my list of stuff to do, in any case. And moving all the gear out of the way was never, ever going to be a job I did alone.

I was quite pleased when he agreed. It had to be hard to wait to play with his new toy until after everything was vacuumed, wiped off and tidied up. It did take over an hour, if not two. Here’s some of the evidence:

Hahah, Christmas tree needles! No telling what vintage these are.

I didn’t even know we had an extra Wii-mote battery thingie…

What’s with all the spiderwebs? And I have no idea what this remote went to, I’d never seen it before. It says DVD on it, but we only had one and that was mine from the US. It’s a mystery-clicker!

The worst one. This was what was underneath the Sky box, which was underneath my DVD player, which was underneath some stuff I didn’t know how to use. Note the nasty SCART cables: this could not have been good for the electronics. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

There wasn’t as much fur as I expected, and only one sticky spot on the floor under the stand itself (we believe this may have been beer at one point, spilt at an impromptu get-together). One thing I am proud of – yes I can still have some pride after sharing this disgusting mess – is that me and the Dyson kept hubby from having an allergy attack during all this. Usually dust gets him sneezing like a donkey.

Perhaps new television sets are a placebo cure for allergies?

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  1. LOL I am laughing with you, not at you. I have sooo been there. I have never been the spring cleaning type. My cleaning people get the visible stuff, but the non… scary.


  2. Oh, I feel much better. Between RC the source of all soft long brown fuzz and Molly with the constantly shedding buff undercoat we get rolling tumbleweeds of hair…and I’m using the furminator as much as possible. It’s everywhere (I dread moving any furniture).
    My husband is a clean nut who hasn’t gotten it into his head, it’s a constant battle – and we’re going to lose. No question.
    (Oh, does the Dyson really work well? love that sneezing line!)

    • Love the Dyson! We paid extra for the Animal one – basically just another attachment but one that is good for fur-removal. It’s a small head so a little awkward to use, though. Neko is blowing her coat now so the house is really hairy; tumbledogs everywhere. Why she does this in the coldest part of the winter I will never know.

  3. I can relate. I’ve lived in my townhouse now for over twenty years. I’m petrified at what may be living under the furniture which has never been moved since its initial placement ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yeahh…that looks about like our house, seated in dusty agricultural dust land. Plus all those pets, haha.

    Good to get it all cleaned out though huh?

    • We’ve got loads of agriculture (if cows and sheep count) but it sure isn’t dusty here! Not a chance when it rains all the damn time. I won’t even talk about ‘slurry.’ Gag. I didn’t know where you were, now I can kind of guess as to general area. How many pets do you have?

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