Unintentional hiatus…


I had a very busy weekend last. Staying up until 3:30 am Saturday night helping iDJ with, well, being a DJ – for a double 21st in a pub, no less – was tiring, especially with all the raw fresh testosterone that was liberally flung about when the ‘never a bother, nice boys’ got into fight after fight.

Sunday was the All-Ireland GAA final, and my county was one of the runners. The underdog. I’ve linked to Peternal to show a bit of the support we had here, but it was MAD, MAD I TELL YOU. They painted the white stripes and words on the roads red and green for Mayo. Every business and home on the main street had something red and green or outright supporting our lads.

The Sam Maguire Cup at my workplace – but sadly won’t be back for a while…next year?

Not going to the pub to watch the match was not a choice… even with work on Monday looming large. We met up with Peternal and settled in, and – I know, this is hard to believe – I was the only one of age in the pub, and the only of our group of three, who held off on having a drink until after 5 pm. When the game was over. And Mayo had lost to Donegal. Well played, Donegal – at least it wasn’t Dublin or Kerry!

But after that? It was like Paddy’s Day. Imagine if Mayo had won!!! We drank in…1,2,3,4, FIVE pubs before heading to the takeout for dinner after midnight. And no, that’s never one drink per pub. Not even for our slow-drinking Canadian.

Monday = ouch.

Monday night = watching a movie and eating early and going to bed on time.

Tuesday = I don’t want to even look at the 60+ emails with blog updates, comments, etc that have piled up since Saturday eve.

Because I’m also reading Game of Thrones. Sorry, folks… I needed a break! Sorry if I’m only today getting around to reading your posts, and usually only hitting ‘like.’ I also am making an experimental dinner and we had an electrician call around to fix the hot water heater – which has been dead since my last shower – which was on the 16th.

Aren’t you glad blogs don’t have Smell-o-Vision?

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        • I will! Eventually. I think my first enjoyment will be the joy of doing the dishes without an electric kettle. Sigh.

          Hey, I’d mentioned trying Skype last week… I’m on now, and for the next 2 hours, as Himself’s show has just started. I didn’t figure the time frame would work for you, with the time difference?

          • Hey Darlin’–you don’t want me today on Skype. I keep crying. Calpurrnia is ill and not improving. We’ll try a couple of things over the weekend and see how she does. Our old girl…

            • She is just about 15, and has had a very healthy life. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism this summer and had been responding to the prescription food. But…. now, we’re goin’ with a bigger hammer and trying the thyroid meds, giving her fluids, and (gaaaaah) kinda-sorta force-feeding her some even better-for-her food–all to stimulate her appetite and other functions.

              We both also want her to have a good life, and not be subjected to torture, and when she’s ready, to go on her way to the floofy kitty basket in the sky. But gee. Not ready. Waaaah

              She is quite perky and mostly is feeling OK. I’m with her all day so I’ve been noticing the changes. Maybe it was soon enough…. and the new protocol will jump-start her appetite again.

            • great news: I just steeled myself to shove the syringe in her mouth. instead, she seemed interested in it so I squirted the food mix onto my finger. she finished the whole syringe!!! she is now finishing her SECOND **plate** of food! omfg! thank you Calpurrnia!

  1. Having tradesmen in is one of my great frustrations. Just keeping the animals out of trouble while they’re working… agggh… but one needs the water running. Or to stop running, depending.

    • Water did run… just coooold. All fixed and hot now, and I cannot wait to soak off the crust I’ve accumulated. The plumbing here is nothing at all like I’m used to in the US, I feel at loose ends even trying to guess what’s gone wrong.

    • Good enough, and long enough, to suck most of my week away! It’s fantasy, I don’t know if you like that genre but think lord of the rings with less weird beasts… so far! There will be dragons I believe. Actually I know there will be, I finished the first book this morning and started the second. There’s seven books I believe! I’m a happy gal 🙂

        • Hmm. Well, LOTR was written a long time ago, and the sort of formal language he used worked well for the books. But, as a writer, to me they are the source of every fantasy book written afterward, so it is hard to love the idea of a world of kings and battles and not go back to LOTR. It’s as if every vampire book feels (to me, as a reader) feeding off of Stoker’s original book – but… Not quite. These stories go back further, to Arthur and his Round Table. They just add in dragons or orcs or wyverns or all of the above! I like it, it’s a good story with human characters and it’s interesting to me to go along with the reasons for war, too.

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