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Did you do the photo challenge? If not, and you have pictures from May 15 and you’d like to be part of an international project of photos taken on just May 15, you still have two more days to submit them. I’ve just uploaded my two, and while one is much better than the other, I still thought ‘what the hell’ and uploaded both.

The ‘meh’ photo – but there’s something about it I still like. Hubby is watching the dog to make sure she is being good, and has no idea I’m upstairs taking a sneaky shot. Yes, my garden is tiny and full of crap and my dryer vent hose has fallen apart – and he’s in his “lounge pants!” Maybe that why I like it, this is really 100% ‘my view.’

The better one – and the only one I was going to upload as I thought we only got to upload one pic (you can send 10).

This is the front of our house, which is a semi-detached (sorta like a condo in the US). Mostly the neighbor’s side of the house is in the pic, but I took it from inside the car in our driveway – hence the rain spotting. The neighbors had a chimney fire and had to have builders in to fix it, so we had this scaffolding up out front, half in our yard and half next door, for two days. May 15 was the first morning I woke up to looking at this ugly-ass thing and I took a lot of pics, but this was clearly the best.

The part of the story I didn’t include on the Aday site is that the builders offered to paint our chimneys because they had never been painted, ever. We left a bucket of our house colour paint with the neighbors (our house is light yellow, theirs is more of a peach). Chimney was meant to be colour-split up the middle, just like the houses are.

Well, when I came home the next day the scaffolding was gone and even with my three-years-out of date glasses, I could see the entire chimney stack was peach… With just the rim at the top half painted yellow. Yes, the part that should have been white like ALL the trim is on both houses. It looks stupid.

The neighbors were killed apologising. Apparently the contractors painted it, took down the scaffold, and then asked, ‘what do you think?’

Um, we think yer eejits….

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    • Thanks! It was good to go through a whole day with thoughts of what might make a good photo. It helped me ‘see’ a bit differently! I’m currently trying to get a shot of a HUGE skip full of metal right behind our house, and my cameras aren’t living up to what I think I see.

  1. Both of these are good and I think the first one is what the organisers of Aday are looking for – taking an apparently mundane activity and making it appear interesting. I ended up uploading six because I was on a road trip that day.

  2. What is an ‘Eejit’? 😮
    I like the first photo, it’s 100% real, your hubby doesn’t know you’re taking a picture, so he’s fully himself, and not posing or something. 🙂
    I’m sorry about the painting on your house. Sounds like the contracter was an idiot. 😦

    • Eejit is the Irish way of pronouncing idiot. It just comes out better. ‘You eeeeeejit!’

      Thanks! I guess I should trust my ‘something about it is cool’ instincts more.

      I’m not worried about the paint job, it’s not as if I ever really noticed that it wasn’t painted to begin with. It’s just funny how everyone expected the logical thing to be done and BAM – what the hell??? 😀

  3. Love the photos; I’m so bad with cameras, I just want to snap everything as quickly as possible so I just end up with blurs.

    You should paint peach stripes on your house. You have an excuse now. I know you’ve been waiting for one.

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