I love you, random Google visitor.


I never talk about how people find my blog, despite how frikkin’ funny and/or disturbing some of the searches are. That changes today – this one hit me just right and I laughed with abandon, never mind the sleeping hungover husband.

“i got my cat from the spca they said she was fixed & chipped but now she’s got boobs”

Hahahahahahahahhaha! Oh, I’m so sorry, random Googler – I’m not totally laughing at you. It’s just…when did I ever talk about cat boobs? I’m positive I’ve used every one of those words on my blog, but never in that particular order… Also: have kitty-titties become an issue for people when I wasn’t looking?

Right, so: I’m probably still a bit drunk, so I’m gonna let the dog out and then go lie down for a little longer. But I don’t think I can go without telling Random Googler this: your cat is FAT. Those aren’t boobs. Ease up on the chow, she’ll be fine – or even better, play with her more. Cuz I just can’t see anyone selling an 8-cup support bra anytime soon.

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  1. LOL That was funny!!

    I won’t comment about cats having boobs (your answer seemed adequate to me), but what I find surprising is that we still get these Google search terms. For those in the unknown, or for those who have not noticed, last winter Google rolled out HTTPS (that is, search tool under a secure environment) by default. Even if you use your old bookmark, or specifically type http://www.google.com, you are automatically redirected to the HTTPS version. One of the impacts of the change is that the search terms are not supposed to be visible anymore in the logs of the destination website. This was suppose to make searches more private. And marketing challenges more interesting. Well, I do get Google search terms in my stats too. Either it is nor rolled out to every country, or some people voluntarily disable the feature, or it just plainly doesn’t work.

  2. Very funny! I think I finally figured out how to post on your blog since you dot com’d. I seem to have been logged in, but not logged in. Checking to see if this works!

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